Attention all you shopaholics and swimsuit aficionados! The Orchid Boutique has something new for you, our loyal followers and fans. Introducing………. the Orchid Boutique Loyalty Program! A rewards program that grants you points for simply doing what you do best — shopping.

We’ve been thinking long and hard about ways that we can show our appreciation to our customers, the same way they show their appreciation year in and year out with Orchid Boutique. We have some very loyal customers with us, and we decided that it’s high time we reward them for that. In a shopping world that can at times, be very transient, the customers that show their love for us, with get our love right back. Out of all the bikini websites around, we want to be the best. So let’s discuss what The Orchid Boutique Rewards Program is all about.

You earn points with us and you get discounts. It’s simple. Every purchase you make, for every dollar you spend, you earn an Orchid Point. Those Orchid Points = money. For every 20 Orchid Points you collect, you can redeem $1 toward a new purchase. Let’s break that down a bit more:



Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “wait, how the heck do I earn Orchid Points?” It really couldn’t be easier.


How to Earn Orchid Points

Earn a quick 250 Orchid Points simply by signing up. Use your email address and 250 Orchid Points are transferred into your account.


Earn 60 Orchid Points:

Your Birthday

Sharing your purchase with Facebook

Sharing your purchase with Twitter

A YELP Review

Earn 40 Orchid Points:

Referral sign up

Referral making their first order

Earn 20 Orchid Points:

Sharing a product on Facebook

Pinning a product on Pinterest

Sharing a product on Google+

Sharing a Product on Twitter

A Facebook page like

A product review

Signing up for our newsletter

Sharing your referral link




Basically, keep engaged and keep getting points. It’s that easy. If you do everything mentioned above, you get a quick $36.50 off your next order. BOOM. Instant savings.

But then, there’s more! If you’re part of the Elite VIP Program, you get even more savings. For every 10 orders made, you receive 200 points. OR if you’ve had your membership with Orchid Boutique for over 2 years, you get more points!


It’s such a simple way to get a great discount. Check out our Orchid Boutique Rewards Program and start saving today.


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