Working in swimwear can be a little…BUSY, and here at the Orchid Boutique we are always looking for new ways to let loose. I’m sure all of you Miami locals can relate to the insanity of this city! Though I am a loyal Miami girl (305 ‘till I die!), sometimes it feels good to disconnect from it all.

Lucky for me, my lovely co-worker, Danielle, found out that every Monday and Wednesday at Margaret Pace Park there is a yoga class open to the public. We went for the first time a week ago and came out feeling energized and liberated (and a little hungry)! The instructors are very soothing and make the class easy enough for the beginners and challenging enough for the veterans. Some of them even ask what areas of the body you want to focus on which is awesome. Danielle and I have decided to make it a weekly ritual and invited the rest of the ladies at work.

Although it is free, they do ask for a $5 donation at the end of each class since the instructors have to pay to rent the park space. Considering that you get a relaxing, waterfront view during the class, I think it’s a very fair price! Here are the details:

Where: Margaret Pace Park

Address: 1775 N. Bayshore Drive (17 Terrace & 20th Street)

Time: 7PM – 8:15PM

Price: Optional $5 donation

See you there!

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