Cameron Diaz had a car wash the other day, and she advertised it with a poster on her front lawn. Just kidding! She was posing with her Daisy Dukes on the set of her new movie, Bad Teacher. Her co-star, Justin Timberlake, was on set wiping drool off his face. Allegedly.

Daisy Racerback bikini by True Religion

Here’s our two cents with this scene: Cammy if you’re going to stand out in the blazing heat with very little clothing on and you’re planning on getting wet anyways, why don’t you just throw on a bathing suit?? You don’t even have to lose the Daisy Dukes. Try the Daisy Racerback & Denim Shorts by True Religion Swimwear. This bikini totally swim-ready, spandex friendly, and on trend inspired by the Dukes of Hazzard theme. Both the plaid top and boyshorts bottom are swimsuit pieces made of soft spandex perfect for playing the part at the beach. Yehaw girl! Revenge is sweeter when you strut your stuff in hot boyshorts like these.


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