Bendito Ice Cream bikini
Bendito Ice Cream bikini

We have a crush… on string swimwear bottoms! There’s just so much to love, can you blame us? And so many to choose from, we’ve got visions of string bottoms dancing in our heads!

Our favorite thing about string bottoms is how they allow you to customize your fit. Don’t get us wrong – we love hipster bottoms just as much as the next swimwear-obsessed-blogger! But string bottoms can help take a “good fit” to “perfect!” A size Medium string bottom can be tied tighter for a smallish medium, or tied a bit more loosely for a larger medium. This can help prevent dreaded fashion ailments like “butt droop” and “muffin top.” (Ekk!)

And if you’re a girl with legs that are, though lovely, not as long as you wish, string bottoms give a lengthening visual effect to legs. Oo la la, longer-looking legs with just a swimsuit? We’ll take it!

carrie underwood bikiniWe love the Bendito Ice Cream (above) from Agua Bendita for its string bottoms and cute cats and birds details! And doesn’t the neutral tone just remind you of the string bikini that Carrie Underwood was spotted in recently? See her off to the right, showing her own love for string bottoms! Now where is that Mike Fisher, the handsome hockey player she’s been dating? We’d love to get his take on her string bikini (and see what type of swimwear he might be wearing, too!).


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