This is going to sound corny, but we take pride in how much ‘style training’ we provide to our team of Fashion Specialists.


In order to sell designer swimwear online, we must be able to offer sound advice to customers that call, email, and chat. It’s normal to have doubts about fit, size, and style, and it’s hard to shop for a swimsuit without trying it on! This is a fact we can relate to.

That’s how the event now known as the “Staff Try-on Party” came about.

An unconventional form of training takes place during this event. There’s a method behind this terrifying but liberating experience, and staff are able to reflect on this after the fact. Before they do it though, it is commonly known as a certain form of torture.


We select various styles, ranging widely in fit & sizing, rear coverage, cleavage visibility, and belly exposure. Then we make everyone – and we mean everyone – try them on (however, male staff, including our co-owner, are unfortunately not invited). Because women’s bodies vary dramatically by curviness, cup size, pant size, and personal preference, choosing the best style for your body type is challenging. Through these exercises, our staff can gain first-hand experience on which pieces fit best for their cup size, what works for a bootylicious gal, and more.

Every couple of months, as our staff continues to expand, we schedule the event at our corporate location and lay it out so all the girls can prep. Due to the growing volume of members coming in – as we prepare for a groundbreaking 2013 year – we’ve chosen to have the girls come out in groups, so we can see how the same style works on different body types. It was a very fun event, and some champagne was needed prior to try-ons, but it made our staff more confident and knowledgeable on our curated selection.

Don’t be scared to call us to ask about something you like – chances are, we’ve tried it on. We’ve already been mortified and liberated by wearing small pieces of clothing in public. We got your back.


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