Black and white is a timeless combination and an eternal fashion “Do”. Much like the perfect pair of black pumps, a classic little black dress, and an uber-flattering designer swimsuit, black and white is a must-have look that will never go out of style. On the red carpet of this year’s Met Gala, up-and-coming style stars Elle Fanning, Frieda Pinto, and Ashley Olsen showed off their unique takes on this trend.

One of our favorite facets of the black and white combination is that it can be translated in so many different ways and no matter the event, there is the perfect little black and white outfit just waiting for you.

Mirante Bikini by Salinas

Naturally, as the beach bunnies we are, we love to find swimsuit translations for all of our favorite looks and trends. To get the black and white look, we are loving the Mirante Bikini by Salinas Swimwear. This sexy string bikini features a hot tropical print in black and white: it perfectly evokes the beachy getaway while staying fresh and modern with this classic color palette. Mainly black and white, this suit also features subtle coral stitching on both the triangle top and string bottom to give it a little extra zest. This touch of color lends this suit an extra dash of style.

As these up and coming style icons proved, fashion will always embrace the classic black and white style. If you’re looking for a suit that will weather the trends and never be “out” you can’t go wrong with with this two-tone combo.


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