Everybody’s talking about women in politics, and now that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been nominated to run as Vice President for the Republican party, the issue that Clinton pioneered is more relevant than ever. The idea of a woman in the White House is certainly alluring to many of us, but even more alluring, is to study the fashion sense that these women will bring to politics.

We doubt the White House has any prospect for pool parties (at least outdoor ones), but I presume Camp David has a lake at least?

If so, we got to thinking, what would we suggest for Hilary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin in a swimsuit contest? We tallied up our fashion expert votes, and have the answers below!

Behind the contrived front that Hilary portrays most of the time, there is something a bit sexy about the Democrat Congresswoman. We’d put Hilary in a sexy one-piece black swimsuit with a brazilian cut back. We can see in her facial expressions she has an inner sensuality that is bursting to come out. The silver empire waist belt adds a little pizzazz to a classy suit:

Now, a more controversial decision is choosing a swimsuit for Sarah. At tally’s end, the majority agreed that Palin is a bit more comfortable in the limelight than Hilary will ever be. The once beauty queen, anchorwoman, and Tina Fey look-alike definitely seems like she’d be most likely to host a pool party for McCain, Bush, Rumsfeld, and all the others!

So it is only natural that Palin would don a pinup-girl inspired brazilian bikini. Rocking the school teacher appearance would make a great tie in, so this is what comes to mind:

Of course, ideally we’d have a woman in the White House who is the adept to lead as politician, not just someone who got there simply because she is female. But imagining a swimwear role play battle definitely gives us some food for thought!


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