I’ve always thought of Cosmo as a ‘big girl’ publication, even though, technically, I am now their target market. But because of that notion, I was ridiculously excited when Cosmopolitan featured one of our Tori Praver bikinis in their May 2013 issue.

For their summer issue, they discussed bikini silhouettes that compliment specific body types – a favorite subject at the Orchid Boutique! You should our office on a typical day. I often try on different tops over my clothes. Anyway, Cosmopolitan considers the Sea Glass Bikini as a great two piece to boost a smaller bust. Because of the bikini’s flirty ruffle detail, it creates the illusion of curves. As a girl who hasn’t changed cup sizes since 8th grade, I’m going to have to agree with Cosmo on this one. I love any kind of beading, fringe or ruffle detail on my bikini tops. I find them to be more subtle than extra padding, but gives me a similar effect.

The ladies at Cosmo also agree with us at the Orchid and recommend pin-up style bikinis for curvier women. The beauty of a pin-up bikini is they accentuate your curves while supporting every inch of you. What about if you have long legs? Well, first of all I’m jealous. But also, if you’re crazy enough to think all swimsuits won’t look good on you, you should hop on the monokini train. The fabric covering your torso will shorten your body length. The things I would do for long legs…

If you ever need sizing advice for your bikini choice, give us a call at 1-877-288-9564. We’ve tried them all!


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