courtney cox white bikiniAll we can say is wow. A 46- yr old Courtney Cox struts her hot bod in a white bikini on the set of her new series Cougartown. In the episode that aired last Wednesday, Courtney’s character Jules experienced a minor “malfunction” with the white see-through bikini top. Let’s just say she had two lit candles singing happy birthday, and they were below the neck.

White Diamond One Piece by Despi Swimwear
White Diamond One Piece by Despi Swimwear

The pointy girls even resulted in inappropriate stares when Jules got out of the ocean (and not just from the pesky paparazzi, but also from a scripted scene with one of Jules horny male friends). Tsk, tsk, tsk. The one thing we can all do to prevent this kind of fashion faux pas is wearing triple-lined bathing suits if you go with white tones. We think white bikinis are gorgeous, and with a tan, it’s a wow factor item. A great suit to look at if you want to do white is the White Diamond One Piece by Despi Swimwear. With the plunging necklines and shirred waistline, it flatters the figure and smoothes out unflattering bumps. Courtney Cox, take it from us, you’ll want to check out this piece!


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