Upon first glance of this men’s swimwear brand, you’ll immediately feast your eyes upon the vibrant colors and patterns woven into the trunks. This is the epitome of Crasqi Swimwear. Unlike any other men’s swimwear brand out there, Crasqi shows just how electric men’s trunks can be. I know we always talk about women’s swimwear and focus more on the ladies, but it’s time we flipped the script and dove deeper into men’s fashion. We’ve received many inquiries throughout the years from women looking to buy trunks for their men. It usually is something along the lines of:

“So my (boyfriend, husband, man friend, dad, brother) has been wearing the same pair of swim trunks for years. They are faded and raggedy and I want to upgrade him to some designer duds. Do you guys have anything like that?”

And we used to only be able to say – “No. Sorry.” However, since last year, we can respond with a resounding


We started with a few men’s pieces from Agua Bendita and Maaji, which sold like hotcakes. So we thought, why not carry a whole line of men’s swimwear to appease our male fans out there.

Introducing one of the hottest men’s swim trunk brands around.


Introducing Crasqi Swimwear: a men’s swimsuit line whose modern designs have been inspired by tropical getaways, white sandy beaches, and a laid-back beach lifestyle. Crasqi swim trunks and board shorts are made for the well-traveled and stylish gentleman who seeks high quality swimsuit options and who isn’t afraid to make a ‘wow’ entrance at the beach or pool.

In 2012, Crasqí Founders Astrid and Alexandra Pedregal set out to create a unique brand that would serve to fill the gap in the men’s swimwear industry that was once occupied by drab and dull swimsuit options. By providing premium quality looks for men that are both practical, versatile, and well designed, the Crasqi beachwear line has made a noticeable splash in the swimwear industry. Crasqi swim trunks for men are hand crafted from high quality materials and feature vibrant colors and geometric designs that are nothing short of unique and exciting. Crasqi’s fabrics are the top of the line for the swimwear industry: their quality guarantees long-lasting durability and use for years to come.



The new Crasqi collection is inspired by the artisan designs and art from the sibling’s homeland, Venezuela; it is characterized by bold and vivacious patterns, exemplifying the persona of a stylish man who is adventurous in all aspects. Each piece is made of lightweight, quick-dry materials that are perfect for any trendsetter who desires a look that can easily translate from the beach to the streets. These soft, supple, and breathable fabrics that won’t bog you down while surfing, swimming, or boating – an aspect that makes Crasqi swimwear truly a top-of-the-line swimwear brand. Crasqi bathing suits for men incorporate trendy patterns, innovative cuts, and modern details that will have you looking your best while catching some rays or playing your favorite water sports out the beach. These are the men’s swim trunks that will change the beach game, people.

Check out the entire collection and BOOM, you’ve found an early Christmas gift.



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