Crochet Yourself

I find the ultimate beach look to be anything that involves crochet. It’s an airy fabric that has an innocent, yet sexy vibe to it. It’s also the perfect time to show off your bikini if you are rocking a crochet top.

As a Miami girl, a crochet outfit is perfect for a beach day for me because of the intense heat we have here. It’s January and 83 degrees here, you guys. Don’t be jealous… It’s a gift and a curse. If there isn’t air flowing through my outfit, I might pass out! My humidity cure: the Crochet Crop Top by Anna Kosturova paired with The Collection’s Coachella Pant. The pants can convert to an everyday look with their built-in shorts to cover your lady goods. Looks like I won’t be offending that older couple eating lunch across from me this weekend.

The good thing about crochet is that it’s not only created so people can see through your clothes. There are crocheted pieces that are fully lined that anyone from your mother-in-law to your little sister can wear, while feeling lady-like and trendy. Enter the Marisa Dress designed by Anna Kosturova. I think this would be so cute with a pair of brown combat boots and a tarnished gold bracelet like the Calaca Red by Lolindo. Daydream moment: you’re pumping gas in Texas and a cowboy rides by on his stallion and offers you a ride because of your cute outfit. Hey, a girl can dream, guys.



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