Cut outs have now evolved into more than just cut out jeans. We now find them on the shoulders, hips, back, chest, and many other places we may not have thought about. With designers getting scissors crazy, this chic style is becoming more popular each season!  Celebrities like Sophia Bush and Kristen Cavallari are showcasing how this style can be worn from the red carpet to a day out in town.

All eyes are on celebrities all over the world as they take advantage of this look to show off more skin in places that they normally wouldn’t think of. All in the name of fashion! This trend can be found in all styles, which is why many celebrities are becoming more open to wearing some of these daring cut outs.

From peter pan collars to sheer blouses, the cut out trend doesn’t end at apparel. You can now take this trend out to the beach in sexy cut out bikinis. Wear a sexy side cut out monokini swimsuit like the Lacy Cats from Maaji Swimwear and reveal your curves. You can also sail out in this Vitamin A Swimwear black side cut out Farrah Gold Monokini and highlight your best areas. Don’t be afraid to take your love for a cute print and cut outs and make a fashion statement in the Tiger Medusa two piece cut out bikini by Malai Swimwear. As one of our exclusive brands, we obviously find this style to be SO beach-chic.

Designers are enjoying this trend as they are able to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for their collections. With their revolving imagination and creative touch, there is no wrong way about going along with this trend. Now pick an area you feel confident about, whether it’s your shoulders, abs, back, collarbones, etc. and go out and shop for this chic trendy style!


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