Demi Moore

Rawrrr…Perhaps it was the rampant rumors of indiscretions by hubby Ashton Kutcher, or maybe she just felt like flaunting her hot self to the world that day. At any rate, Demi Moore feasts the Twitterworld’s eyes with a fantastic self-photographed portrait of her bikini body. Can you believe this woman is in her 40s?

Kalah Bar string bikini

It’s a wow moment for us. And you know what’s also hot? The trendy animal print swimsuit she has on. Nothing like a designer animal print bathing suit to oomph up your mojo. Animals print swimsuits are all the rage for several luxury swimwear 2011 collections, with leopard, zebra, and giraffe print styles galore.

One of the fashion stylist’s picks at our boutique are the Kalah Bar products by OndadeMar. Whether it’s the Kalah Bar string bikini with its gold embroidery along the bustline, the Kalah bar underwire, or the fabulous v-boning in this one, they’re already starting to drive swimwear shoppers into grabbing one for themselves. The good thing about us human females is, even though we have wonderful animalistic instincts, and we’re not afraid to show ‘em with our swimwear, at least we have opposable thumbs. ☺ Shop the new OndadeMar 2011 collection here!

Kalah Bar bandeau with v-boning


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