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My Other Bag is an ode to handbags women love, bags that are in the fabric of our culture and history. It’s not just a beach accessory, this bag is an every day accessory. Every woman has her go to bag, her dream bag, her going out bag. My Other Bag is the perfect complement to these bags we love! Carry it in addition to your designer handbag or alone as you tackle your day’s “To Do List.” The grocery store, the gym, errands, hopping on a plane, packing for a weekend away. It’s the perfect other bag!

When asked about her brand, the designer Tara Martin says the style is a reflection of her passion for handbags, and started from an experience she had in a grocery store. While living in Santa Monica, a city that had banned plastic grocery bags in order to ensure people use their reusables, Tara ran into a local store after work to pick up a few items for dinner and was caught off guard by this new law. The cashier threw her groceries to the side when she told her she didn’t have a reusable, and started helping the next customer. Tara was left with a handful of random groceries that she was not comfortable putting in her designer bag! On her walk out to the car she realized there needs to be cute, fashionable, tote bags to use for grocery shopping. So came, My Other Bag.

Check out our 2014 My Other Bag favorites:


London Tote

Zoey Multi Tote


Jackie Black Tote





Elizabeth Pink Tote

What is even better, is that these bags are manufactured in the USA! With their great team they have been able to keep all art, printing, sewing and shipping in Los Angeles and they are very proud of that fact. My Other Bag is passionate about supporting Los Angeles’ fashion district, it’s talented workers, entrepreneurs, artists, and manufacturers.


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