It’s the end of the fashion week season and we now know what’s going to be in for Spring 2010. And we couldn’t help but notice one of the more palpable trends hitting the runways in New York, Milan and Paris: The surprisingly sophisticated look of neutrals.

We’re talking glamorous hues of your favorite neutrals: nudes, golds and champagnes. Neutrals are elegant and enchanting, and, because of their neutral nature, go with any skin tone and any accessory. The neutral trend is in full force for spring and one of our designers, Despi Swimwear, has taken this trend and run with it for their gorgeous 2010 collection.

Champagne Magnetic Bikini by Despi Swimwear 2010Despi’s 2010 line is centered around this classy trend and shows an incredible harmony of neutrals and darks. While the collection also features bolder colors such as purples and greens, the neutrals seem to steal the show, which is just fine by us! And everything in the line comes in flattering styles with beautiful hardware detailing. Better yet, Despi has the perfect examples of swimsuits that follow this powerfully stunning trend, and one option is the Champagne Magnetic Bikini.

The champagne color glistens, making both the wearer and the bikini pop. The special purple and turquoise heart-detailing at the bust as well as the colored braiding at the hips further enhance the prettiness of this shiny neutral.

With some slight kicks of color, Despi Swimwear certainly embodies the neutral trend, a look we’re loving, and you should too — if you haven’t already!

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