DIY: Nail Art Designs!

Last year the big nail trend was to paint eight nails one main color and throw everyone off with painting two nails, one on each hand, an opposite color. Though we are still seeing this trend for spring, there is a new nail style that we find to be much more fun: nail art! Glamour’s June edition showcased Zooey Deschanel’s latest tuxedo manicure. If you’re not one to pay a little extra for a salon manicure, this is perfect for you. It’s very cute and very easy to do. If you’re a novice at doing your own nails, we suggest calling a friend to help with that shaky hand that’s not used often.

Before you start your nail design career, you’ll need these tools: base coat, top coat, at least two nail polish colors and a thin, pointy paint brush. If you don’t like too many colors on your nails, you can draw your design over the clear base coat. For the mini tuxedo, we suggest black and white nail polish. If you normally attend fancy events Dumb and Dumber style, get creative with your tuxedo colors.

Start your nail tuxedo by painting at least three white coats over your base coatcovered nails. Let them dry for two minutes to avoid bubbling. Then, add one layer of basecoat. You have to lock in that white color as if it was your real shirt!

When you start the bow, draw a dot at the lower end of your nails, closer to your knuckles, using your paint brush and the black nail polish. Then, add four more dots, creating a shape of the letter ‘x.’ You should then be able to connect all of the dots and color in the gaps to create your tuxedo. Make sure the center dot is a small circle shape that stands out.

Once your tuxedo is created, draw three centered dots in a straight line above it. These are your buttons! Above the dots, draw a black line over your nail tip. When people look at your nails, this line will create the illusion of the top of the pants. Could these nails get any cuter?!

Let the black nail polish dry for two minutes and cover your finished tuxedo a with another layer of top coat. Now you’re ready for any black tie event!


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