Styles from the 1950s have come back for round two this year. From the pin up look to round collars, everyone from Taylor Swift to your best friend is wearing a piece inspired by this era. To celebrate this 1950s trend, we found a fun do-it-yourself project on for a classy pearl collar, which is a very trendy necklace look right now. Here are the supplies and steps you need to create this gorgeous collar. Are you excited? You’re four steps closer to being a part of the 1950s trend!

You’ll need:
1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 crème piece of felt
2 yards of strung pearls.
Glue gun
1 foot of white or crème colored ribbon
1 piece of paper
Hole puncher

Step 1:

Fold your piece of paper in half and sketch half of your collar on the sheet. Think about when you would cut out a perfectly shaped heart when you were little by folding a piece of paper in half – it’s just like that (confession: I still do that)! Once sketched, cut the collar shape out with your scissors. This step is so you will have a stencil to cut your piece of felt that is actually going to be the base of your necklace.

Step 2:

Place your homemade stencil on top of your felt and cut out the collar shape one more time. Use your steadiest hand! This is the piece you’ll be wearing every day. Once your felt is cut, use your glue gun to put glue on most of the felt.

Step 3:

Carefully place the rows of pearls on the felt, one row after another. You can cut the end of each strand as the rows get smaller. Use the left over strands to fill in any gaps that are missing pearls.

Step 4:

Punch holes at each of your collar and thread your ribbon through them. Make a knot at each hole so your collar always stays in place and WALAH! You made yourself a pearl collar necklace. Yay

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