Whether you’re a Maaji lover or a newcomer to this breathtaking brand, we hope you’ve heard the amazing news of Maaji’s eco-friendly campaign: Planting an Ocean of Trees. Maaji Swimwear is proud to be successfully preserving our Oceans and Seas. The designers find inspiration from these natural resources every year for their newest collections and we only have what’s left on earth, so let’s be sure to take care of it. Maaji’s current collection is appropriately titled Underwater Conquest and for every swimsuit sold from this collection Maaji will plant a tree. It’s Maaji’s way to give back to our earth and help protect our precious resources, and now it’s your way to contribute as well.

Planting even a single tree can provide multiple benefits to earth and the more, the better. Trees planted by Maaji’s Planting an Ocean of Trees campaign are specifically placed in the Andean region of Colombia, the brand’s native country. This chosen area will protect watersheds that have been hit by violence and affected by the indiscriminate logging of forests. Located in the equatorial zone, this region will allow further growth of trees with potential high water and provide a greater contribution to the fight against climate change. In conjunction with regional environmental authorities, Maaji has chosen to plant the tree species of Cedar, Willow, Oak, and Myrtle. “Plantings will continuously be verified by the multinational Deloitte & Touche.”

Planting trees also provides a social impact among the inhabitants of the region and the world. These tree plantings bring additional resources to family farmers and improve their quality of life by protecting their drinking water. Additional Green Solutions implemented with this campaign include soil recovery and topsoil protection, improving soil porosity, promoting species to create native habitats, spreading tree species to fight against the danger of extinction, and reconnecting forest patches to build travel corridors for wildlife.

As inhabitants of this wonderful world, we feel it is our responsibility to find different ways of contributing to the environment from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to bed. Each one of us can be an agent of change.” –Maaji

What are your contributions to the planet? Purchase a swimsuit from Maaji’s Underwater Conquest collection and contribute to an eco-friendly campaign to protect our earth and its inhabitants.


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