As a Miami girl, I’m all about crazy prints and bright colors. It’s important for me to be as eye catching as the sun. But like clockwork, literally, I’ve been hankering for a darker wardrobe. Maybe it’s something in the air, or the 2 degree drop in weather, but my body is ready and waiting for fall colors to be worn. My favorite fall colors are by far black (duh), deep blues, greens, purples and last, but not least, the lovely gold. Of course, all of these shades are found in the 2013 swimwear season. I know some of you are already on the daily scarf and coat regime, but Miami, as well as a couple of other favorable cities, are still pulling off bikini weather. So for those of you freezing your tush off right now, don’t single yourself out. You can always plan early for warm weather.

Black is such a staple and Vitamin A’s Sweetheart One Piece continues that vibe. You can seriously wear this one piece swimsuit every season and look on trend. I died when I realized it had boy shorts with ruffled edges. Between that and the sweetheart shape top, this swimsuit could not be more feminine. Brace yourself, though, because the winning detail is the crisscross back. It makes this one piece modest in the front and sexy in the back, without revealing anything you don’t want to show.

The Bendito Honor is my ultimate fall pick because it touches brown and gold shades the way no two piece has before. It’s almost like an outfit because of how lux it is. This champagne-inspired bikini is outlined with gorgeous brown beading that is hand sewn by Agua Bendita. Yes, hand-freaking-sewn. The bottom has the sexy ruching detail in the back that is all the rage right now. The sexiness doesn’t end there. It provides Brazilian coverage at the rear. A.K.A very little coverage!

I’m all about anything blue. They say blue is calming which is probably why I’m always good to wear it. However, I wouldn’t say that the Lolita Dress had me feeling calm when I first saw it. L*Space recently introduced The Collection, their newest line of apparel, and the Lolita is definitely a star piece in this line. I knew I needed this dress when I pulled it out of our first shipment as if it was Christmas Day. It’s reversible, you guys, and you can wear it two ways. The second way is as a one shoulder dress, a huge trend for 2013. I love the way the braided strings have colorful tassels at the end, all of which go great with fall.

Hit up the purple color scheme in the One Way Ticket designed by Beach Bunny Swimwear. Purple is definitely a favorite of mine in any season, but I do highly appreciate it’s deep hues in fall. For me, the winning detail on this bikini is by far the tasseled string on the side of the moderate coverage bottom. They are just glorious, but I know you boho babes can’t take your eyes off of the peace signs ring detail. I can’t deny that they are pretty fab as well.

Have fun with your fall looks, ladies. Dark colors don’t have to be boring!


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