Feeling Beachy for Halloween?  Swimwear Costumes might be just right for you

If you like Halloween, you’ve probably picked out your costume by July, the wig is bought and the parties are already scheduled. However, if you’re as obsessed about Halloween as we are, you‘ll never stop looking for that stunning combination that will make you stand out from the crowd.  So, in case you haven’t asked yourself the question yet, here’s a game-changer: How about using swimsuits to complement your outfit? The plus is that you get to DIY your outfit and then have a designer swimsuit in your closet!

The carefully selected monokinis, one-piece, and two-piece swimsuits from our online store are manufactured with top-notch materials and display trendy silhouettes that can be used both in and out of the water. The same piece could be a swimsuit, bodysuit, and costumes of all sorts!

For those in love with the spookiest and creepiest season of all, we’ve created some collages with our favorite themed pieces.


Theme 1- Sexy Lifeguard


Baywatch costumes will always be head turners. Not only the red tones but the fresh vibe and confidence that only a slow-motion run can provide it’s really something worth trying. We won’t ever get tired of saying that if you got it, flaunt it! Pam-style!


The red high-cut one piece by Maylana Swimwear is the heart and soul of this costume. It features a sexy cleavage and the Baywatch signature high cut. Pair it with a sporty jacket, and comfortable matching sneakers. If you feel a bit fancier, nice heels will work too or, if you want to stay fully on the character, no one stops you from going barefoot.

Featured in this outfit
Kim Cherry Red One Piece by Maylana Swimwear
Hooded appliquéd shell jacket by Prada
Avenue Last logo-embellished leather sneakers by Prada

Theme 2- Primal


Two-piece swimsuits couldn’t be left out of our selection. A classic triangle bikini top adapts to almost every body shape and is a classic. This outfit is perfect for all the sexy fashionistas; simple swimwear silhouettes in striking animal print add up into a quite bold Halloween outfit.


 Leather and Leopard make a stunning combo that defines this wild costume. We suggest minimalist accessories like black boots with golden details, beaded hoops and a delicate pair of cat ears. We definitely have a wide selection of animal print swimwear including monokinis, brazilian bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and more!


Featured in this outfit
Leopard Moa Top by Verde Limón Swimwear
Belize Earrings by M.A.G. Accessories
Asymmetric leather skirt by Akris
Teddie knotted leopard-print plissé-lamé headband by Loeffler Randall
Teti leather ankle boots Salvatore Ferragamo


Theme 3- Flashdance


Kim One One Piece by Maylana Swimwear is also featured in our third outfit. I mean, it’s impossible not to like its brazilian bottom, reversible design, and versatility. The ribbed swimsuits from Maylana display vibrant neon tones that will look amazing in a retro outfit like the one below.



This workout combo will take you back to a time where VHS players still worked, and perms were on the rage. Millennial or not just put your best energy, a funky wig on it and one! And two! Now work those buns babe!


Featured in this outfit
Madrid metallic textured-leather slim-leg pants by RTA
Neon patent-leather belt by Saint Laurent
Kiki neon patent-leather pumps by Saint Laurent
Wheel embroidered canvas belt bag by Valenciaga


Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year! And our costume game is hot. We hope these designer swimsuits provide some extra inspiration and add some beachy vibes to your celebrations!


Cover Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Ethel Gomez

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