Festival season is upon us! That means it’s time to whip out our comfortable chic ‘boho’ looks to make everyone aware we are all about peace and love. While we aren’t as cool as our parents were, rocking out at Woodstock in flowy dresses, we have some pretty awesome times partying at today’s concerts. And… getting outfits for them!

So let’s think about this. We’re out all day in the sun, and then into the night with just one outfit. It obviously has to be cute, but you’re wearing this all day long. It needs to be comfortable enough to stand wearing for over 12 hours. I personally like to have something flowy in this kind of situation. Then add something a little revealing up top so you don’t get the ever-awful farmers tan. And there you have it, the perfect outfit

Now, because everyone can’t wear the exact same thing, you need to have some options. Let’s stick to the basics.


First there is the popular crochet dress: flirty, fun, and always in style. Add some combat boots, a headband, and some bangles and you have a perfect look for day to night! My personal fave is the Breathe Easy dress. Super cute, and the best part- it’s UNDER $100… What. A. Bargain!

If dresses are too girly for you, the Coachella pants are basically named for this kind of event. You need these in your life. And… they come in two colors: black and cream. Eat your heart out ladies!


You can never go wrong adding fringe to an outfit. And the best part, it elongates your torso, so you look skinny doing it… Can I get an ‘amen?’


While I would never condemn wearing fringe all day err’day, I guess sometimes you do need to step away from the security blanket. Luckily, there is a nice transition with underwire tops. The Ladies & Gentlecats top (seen below) also elongates the torso, but with underwire added, it gives you some push up too! (Ow, oww!)



I may be a little bias, but the Fashionista shorts (above) are an absolute must. They’re tons of fun and match with just about anything. No if, ands, or buts about it.

But… if you’re looking for something a little more bohemian, the Cherry Red Glory Skirt (below) is definitely the way to go. Mix it with a cute crop top or underwire bikini top and you’re the cutest girl for miles!


  • SPF & CHAPSTICK! You can never be too protected
  • COMBAT BOOTS! Or any other shoe that covers your WHOLE foot. This is not the time for cute sandals. Take it from me: flash back to 2005, Panic! At the Disco. My feet went in a pale shade of white, and left an awfully painful shade of purple/red/blue/black sadness. Boots will protect your precious feetsies from the mobs of crowds that care more about their concert itinerary than your unprotected feet!
  • TOILET PAPER! I know it’s super weird. But, there will only be porta-potties and the toilet paper in there can only last so long. Just keep some in your bag. You’ll definitely need it.

LAST TIP: Have fun, and know that I am super jealous of your concert escapades.



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