Finding the right Swimsuit for your body

Opinions are like butts everyone has them.. same goes for swimsuits! But the question is: do you own the right swimsuit for your body type? Is it really flattering for you? I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel with my bikini but I look fine” Well you’re wrong, you should look your best in your swimwear, maybe not as good as Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner (let’s face it those girls are genetically blessed superhumans) but you can most certainly hide your flaws and highlight your assets and rock your swimwear confidently. We’ll give you the low down on how to find the right pieces for your body, because let’s face it we all have different body types and insecurities; I know I hate my flabby arms. So let’s start from the top:


What is the right Style for me?

Monokinis are my favorite, it’s like you have multiple personalities: discrete and classy on the front and sassy on the back, that sounds like every man’s fantasy! On days when I feel like hiding my tummy but I don’t want to feel older, I go for a monokini. It’s the perfect balance of covered-up and sexy and it brings something new to the table. It’s not your classic, all covered up, one piece. At the end of the day just try to go for a good combo of comfort, sexy and classy. It’s all about being selective: highlight your assets and conceal your problem areas.

Nina Emerald Monokini by Maylana Swimwear


Puka Monokini by Touche Swimwear

If your tummy are is not an issue, go for the two piece. This will open a wide option range depending on which type of top and bottom you select.

Bendito Pistacchio Camila Top by Agua Bendita Swimwear


Vail Shell Rose by Maylana Swimwear

Getting to the bottom of things

Picking the right bottom can be a bit tricky but there are ways to know which is the best option for you. If you have slim legs and a small booty a string bottom will look flattering. My worst nightmare is looking like a sausage being tied at the sides of my bikini bottom. On the other side, if coverage of your lower belly is important for you high waisted bottom are the answer. You get the best of both worlds: feeling comfy while lolling trendy. If you’re a mommy you know things ain’t looking as good down there as they used to and we have some covering to do on the belly area.


Verdant Mangrow High Waisted Bottom by Malai Swimwear
Verdant Mangrow Tie Side Bottom by Malai Swimwear

If you find yourself being more of a wider hips and legs girl moderate to full coverage bottoms are the most flattering option because they help give the illusion that your lower body is narrower and help keep everything tight at the booty. If your body is more on the curvy – J.Lo side, go for a Brazilian bottom. If you’ve got it- flaunt it!


 Rio Ocean's Stripes by Maylana Swimwear


White Ginger Gidget Full Coverage Bottom by Vitamin A Swimwear

What Top is right for me?

If you’re part of the “I barely have boobs” world like me, triangle tops are the way to go. They give you just the right amount of support and lift without being too dramatic. It gives decent coverage without hiding what is already small. If you like a little more lift, go for those that have wider straps at the neck, these are always better at bringing the girls up.

If you have medium to bigger breasts, underwire is your best friend, especially if you have a silicone free chest. No one wants the twins looking saggy and down, cheer them up with the help of an underwire top. Halter tops are a great choice for an extra lift since they tie at the neck. Bandeaus are also a good idea if you have medium sized breasts to keep everything where it should be. For larger breasts crops tops are an excellent idea, they help keep everything in place and in case you don’t want to show that much cleavage they help in disguising your breasts. If you still feel like showing some skin, some halter tops have nice keyhole and crochet details that help you flaunt it.


Misty Halter Top by Touche Swimwear
Mar de Cóndor Top by Mar de Rosas Swimwear


Silent Vegflor Triangle Top by Malai Swimwear
Cardi Sand Top by Maylana Swimwear

Ana Lopez

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