Besides shopping and wearing fabulous bikinis, one of our favorite pastimes is having a drink. No we are not alcoholics, but we like a glass of wine or two (or three). And by the time Friday hits, all we can think about is what happy hour we’re heading to after work. But as swimsuit lovers, and frequent beach goers, we always think of how we can incorporate our gorgeous suits with our happy hour attendance. We don’t know if the rest of you have this dilemma, but if you do, we have a solution: beach cover-ups.

Beach cover-ups are commonly thought of as just barely covering up your bathing suit, not normally cute, and are kind of just an afterthought. However, that is no longer the case. Designers are making cover-ups cute, convertible, and practical. Instead of just barely covering half of your butt, they now come in rompers, longer dresses, and can be easily taken from the beach to the bar.

Sometimes walking in a thong along the boardwalk, or on Ocean Drive here in Miami, is just not okay – there’s children out there. So we suggest finding a chic cover-up that you can wear for any occasion post-beach.

A gorgeous style by Paradizia Swimwear is the Ethnic Romper. This cover-up features a gold and silver sheer pattern and ¾-quarter length sleeve. It has an open neck that showcases your swimsuit (may we suggest the Ethnic Halter also by Paradizia), and a drawstring tie around the waist for easy adjustment. Believe us, you’ll look hot at the bar, or at least the hottest wearing a beach cover-up.

Another amazing romper-style is the Callisto Jumper by L*Space Swimwear. The Callisto Jumper comes in plum, cream, and grey and is perfect for the beach or the party afterwards. The cover-up has crochet details, ties in the back, and even has back pockets. Put your I.D. in your pocket, throw some wedges on and get ready to party!

If you want to go for a more flirty look, and possibly hit the club after the beach, not just the bar (don’t worry this is a judge-free zone), we suggest the Piropo Dress by Maui Swimwear. This cover-up features a tropical print, embroidered detailing on the halter top, tiers of ruffles, and comes about mid-thigh. Perfectly appropriate for any beach to club attire (well at least here in Miami it is).

Regardless of where you go after a long beach day, it’s always necessary to cover-up a little once you walk off the sand. And if you are heading to the bar, people will probably be too drunk to notice you’re sneaking your cover-up dress as everyday attire anyway. To see more beach to bar wear, head over to our Cover-up section!


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