Ok, so here’s the deal. This is a swimwear blog, and as such, we write exclusively about swimsuits and beachwear accessories. We comment on celebrity swimsuit moments, the new swim trends, and what’s recommended for your body type. We showcase new designers and styles all related and circling around swimwear, which is what we love and cannot get enough of.

But sometimes a celebrity like Halle Berry comes around, and chooses to name her fragrance Pure Orchid, and that’s when we think to ourselves, we DIG that. Totally with our train of thought. After all, we did name our online store The Orchid Boutique.

Exotic Puntas Argeratum by Maaji

Orchids are exotic flowers with usually vibrant, vivid colors. They are exclusively able to grow only under specific temperatures, with all the elements being just right for them to bloom. They are wild delicate plants, but also quite bold in their representation of color. Orchids are distinct. Their characteristics are our inspiration for naming this boutique. Our goal is to offer a unique source for designer swimwear that is exclusive and exotic. Apparently just like Halle, we name our essence after a striking organism. Not only cool to emulate its characteristics, but also to smell like one.

We’ve already recommended our bikini pick for you Halle, so we are A-Ok with you smelling like an Orchid. Would complement your look!

Get the Exotic Puntas Argeratum bikini here.


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