2009 Sports IllustratedWe take it for granted now: another year, another issue of Sports Illustrated: The Swimsuit Edition! But did you ever wonder how a sports magazine came around to publishing a yearly issue dedicated to women in bikinis?

It all started one slow winter at Sports Illustrated headquarters. With nothing going on in the sports world to write about, editor Andre Laguerre had to come up with something to flesh out the pages of his magazine. So he called in young fashion reporter Jule Campbell to help him out. His question for Ms. Campell? “How would you like to go to some beautiful place and put a pretty girl on the cover?”

There had actually been a Swimsuit Edition earlier that year, featuring Babette March, but it hadn’t garnered too much attention. But Jule Campbell took the reins and turned the Swimsuit Edition around. Her secret? Featuring “bigger and healthier” California women that had a bit more meat on them then the Twiggy-type models that were popular at the time!

We’re no strangers to the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, ourselves. Many of the brands that the Orchid Boutique carries are SI Swimsuit Edition vets, including Vix, Agua Bendita, Maaji, and more! You can keep track of which Orchid Boutique brands appear by checking out our blog updates on Sports Illustrated.

Maaji 2010 016
Maaji Swimwear – a SI Swimsuit Edition veteran!

Source: “The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” by Bryan Cur on Slate, Feb. 16, 2005.


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