Take a cruise today, and it’s nothing special to have a heated pool on board – or two, or three and several hot tubs! But you can imagine that it wasn’t always this way – Christopher Columbus obviously didn’t cross the ocean blue while lounging in a deck chair in his swimwear, sipping mai tais! So which boat first introduced the heated swimming pool to its decks?

The Titanic.

That’s a little spooky, but it makes sense if you know about The Titanic. It was meant to be the height of luxury, with all the amenities that first class passengers could ask for. The swimming pool on the Titanic was six feet deep and filled with heated salt water. There were separate swim times for men and for ladies, and it cost $1 to swim. That’s pretty expensive when you realize that $1 in 1912 is roughly the same as $20 today! Would you pay $20 to swim in a pool for a few hours with no guys? (It seems that children also weren’t allowed – maybe that’s worth the 20 bucks!)

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But now that we think about it, how come James Cameron didn’t take advantage of this historic fact and give us some Leonardo-DiCaprio-in-the-pool eye candy in the film Titanic? Really!

Source: “Titanic: A Floating Palace” from Titanic – A Voyage of Discovery


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