Gals, It’s Time to Buy Your Guy Some New Men’s Swimwear

Ladies, I know we’ve all had this problem. Your gorgeous guy keeps wearing the same old swim trunks day-in-and-day-out and you’re getting fed up. We don’t blame you! Why is it that you spend hundreds of dollars looking ferociously fab in your new bikinis, but your guy doesn’t care? It’s time to step up his fashion game and introduce him to some trendy and sexy men’s swimwear options that is sure to boost his style factor.



What makes Ondademar such a fun brand? Their patterns and colors of course! Ondademar offers an amazing product with top of the line swimwear fabrics. Is a Colombian brand offering luxury swimwear at an affordable price and now produces fun and fresh men’s swimwear, with eccentric animal prints and crazy colors. Take a look at some of our top sellers this season.

This brand has modern designs that are inspired by the laid-back beach lifestyle we all so desperately crave. Ondademar swimwear is the type of men’s brand that is sure to turn heads, simply because of the bright neon colors and patterns. These suits are made for the well-traveled, stylish gentleman who isn’t afraid to make a splash at any pool or beach event. The Ondademar founders wanted to fill a gap in men’s swimwear and make shorts that were practical, functional, yes highly fashionable. Take a gander and see exactly what we mean.



Maylana is a brand that is all about colors and combinations. These swim shorts bring a splash of colors & artistic images together to create a vibrant, colorful fashion feel. Maylana is influenced by their city as well as their people. Each swimsuit is their canvas, adding the symbols, tone, and passion of the Latin world. Take a look at the men’s swimwear brand that is all about that perfectly tailored fit.

This brand has taken off in the men’s swimwear scene, combining high quality craftsmanship, tailor-fitted looks, and fashion-forward edgy designs. Their idea was to take a market inundated with untailored, baggy, unappealing swim shorts and reinvent the game. The brand was designed to reflect a love for all things Retro and Golden, which is why their prints are a variety of vintage, sure to float your boat and get your guy groovin’.



Have a look at the rest of the men’s swimwear selection on our website and finally get him in the fashion game!

Ana Lopez

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