When I people watch on Miami Beach, I always notice the women here prefer Brazilian-cut bikinis over full coverage options. And for the most part, their butt always looks good in them. As a fellow tiny-bikini-bottom wearer myself, I am constantly thinking of ways to keep my booty in shape. It’s all about having your butt lifted enough to defy gravity, and minimizing the jiggle as much as possible. Let’s get that booty tight! Here are a couple of easy butt work outs that I live by.

Deadlifts – This work out is all about toning your butt. And girl, it is so easy! Stand straight and hold 3-5 pound dumbbells at arm’s length by your thighs. If you do not have dumbbells I find that canned food will give the same result. Keep your legs shoulder length apart with your knees slightly bent. While keeping your arms straight and as close to your body as possible, bend over until your torso is parallel to the ground. Hold the position, and then stand up straight again. I normally do two reps of ten.

Standing Leg Raises – I often do this work out right before I hop in the shower. All you need is your balance and your legs. Stand straight, and use the wall for balance, if necessary. Then, lift your leg behind you at a 45 degree angle. Keep your abs and gluts tight as you lift, and slowly put your leg back down. After lifting your leg ten times, do the same exercise on the other side. I normally do three reps of twenty.

Booty Bridge – Grab a work out mat if you have one and lay on your back. Keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees up. Again, tighten you abs and gluts, and lift your butt up into the air. Press forward with hips and repeat. I normally do three reps of ten.

Do you have any booty work outs that you live by? If you do, share the wealth!


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