Girls in Pearls

Perlas Earrings

Accessories can make or break an ensemble. Although you might be worried about bracelets getting wet or necklaces causing awkward tan lines, earrings from The Orchid Boutique are the perfect way to glam up an outfit in a low maintenance way.

One of our favorite types of earrings are drop earrings that feature pearls. The drop feature is nice because unlike stud earrings, when you pull your hair back the earrings will clearly be noticeable without being overstated. We love pearl-accented earrings because pearls are a gem that all ages can wear and they go with virtually everything. They never go in or out of style, so an investment in pearl-accented earrings will pay off over time

We recommend the Perlas Earrings by Lolindo because they are a twist on the typical pearl earring. They are cone shaped with vintage gold and glass pearls. At 2.5 inches long, these earrings are noticeable whether your hair is up or down, but are lightweight enough that you will forget you’re even wearing them.

Cruz Copper & Opalite Earrings

If you’re looking for something more patriotic for the upcoming fourth of July weekend, the Cruz Copper & Opalite earrings by Lolindo. These 14 carat gold drop earrings feature a copper plated chain with pearl drops. At the bottom of each earring is a clear opalite drop that has a gold star inside, making it the perfect finalizing piece to your wardrobe for this fourth of July weekend.


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