Giveaway Alert! – get a free designer swimsuit by commenting on our blog (there’s no catch)

Swimwear Giveaway Fashionistas heads up! At The Orchid Boutique, our definition of “giveaway” comes with no caveats.
We literally mean we will “give away” any 2010 designer swimsuit you choose if you are the top commenter on our blog. It’s that simple. We write (we’re being modest now) interesting and sometimes funny posts about fashion, trends, celebrities, and swimwear. We love to hear back from our readers, see below to win!

The Prize: You’ll get to pick any swimsuit or coverup from our 2010 collections, any designer, any style, ANY PRICE. Choose from a wide array of swimwear brands such as Badgley Mischka, True Religion, Betsey Johnson, OndadeMar, the coveted Agua Bendita Swimwear, Maaji, Despi, and more. Yep, including the ones we haven’t announced yet – you can wait a bit and pick the newest of the new, if you win!

How to Win: Just leave the most comments on our blog (any post, old or new) between now and 11:59pm ET November 16th, 2009. There’s even a helpful little tracker in the sidebar of the blog that will tell you who the current leader is!

Rules: Just a few things to keep the contest and the blog from turning into the Wild West!

  1. The contest is open to anyone in any country that The Orchid Boutique ships to, but if the winner is located outside of the United States, shipping charges of your choice will apply. If the winner is located within the U.S., we will ship your free item via USPS Priority at no charge.
  2. You may not reply to yourself in the comments on any individual post. If you were the last person to comment, you have to wait until someone else leaves a comment. And don’t try commenting under two names just to reply to yourself – our super-smart blog robot will know!
  3. Comments must be relevant to the post and must have some meat to them! Don’t just write “Great post!” Add to the conversation, or we may delete the comment and it will not count.
  4. All comments left on any post on Swim Couture (old or new) count for this contest. So go ahead: dig through our archives and comment away!
  5. The owners and bloggers of The Orchid Boutique and Swim Couture are the sole deciders of what constitutes a legitimate comment for the purposes of this contest. Spam, hate speech, and duplicate comments will not be approved for posting on the site and will not count for the contest.
  6. The winner will receive one free swimsuit or coverup of their choice from any 2010 collection, as soon as the item debuts in our store. No exchanges granted.

This post is also open for comments, so feel free to start here! To get the conversation rolling, why don’t you check out the 2010 collections at The Orchid Boutique and let us know which suit you have your eye on for the contest?

bendito merenguito by agua benditaSea Shore Pinup by Lady Lux SwimwearOndadeMar Swimwearbadgley-mischka-swim

Jaime Olaya

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