Gorjana Griffin – Dominating the Fashion Jewelry Game


It’s that time, people. The time where we spotlight some of the fabulous designers we carry and will be carrying through the 2015 season. This week, we’re shining a fantastically well-deserved light on Gorjana Jewelry.

Gorjana jewelry and handbags are designed to effortlessly collaborate with the chic, modern woman’s wardrobe. All pieces are handcrafted and made from high-quality sterling silver or 18k gold plating. Staying classy has never been easier: these styles are perfect for a hot date or a night out on the town with your girlfriends. The brand definitely knows how to add shimmer and shine to complete any outfit without causing a hole in your pocketbook as well. Gorjana jewelry has provided women with stylish yet affordable accessories since 2004. This jewelry not only complements your natural skin tones, but it also goes with just about any outfit. The jewelry pieces are also versatile and can easily be mixed and matched to create so many fabulous new looks. Gorjana is an editor favorite and its bracelets and necklaces have regularly been featured among the pages of InStyle, Lucky, People, SHAPE, and Marie Claire.


From childhood roots in the former Yugoslavia to spreading her artistic jewelry intentions in breezy California, it’s no surprise that Gorjana has established a brand that celebrates themes of contrast, unexpected mixing, and limitless layering – of necklaces, bracelets, and rings galore.

Gorjana Griffin established herself as  Ford model long before delving into the world of fashion jewelry. The transition from modeling to creating was a simple one, however, as she states in an interview with Rocksbox, “I grew up creating and making things, so that was always a part of my life. My grandmother taught me how to knit and I used to knit sweaters for my Barbie dolls. As a teen when I started modeling, it was a great to see that aspect of fashion and be a part of it. But, I always knew I wanted to design my own jewelry line.”.

An interesting fact, is that Gorjana herself is a fan of a huge fashion faux pauz — mixing metals. Although most will tell you to stick to one, Gorjana is all about layering and mixing and stacking. She stated, “I always mix my metals. I just love how silver, gold, and rose gold complement each other. The key is to experiment and follow your instincts. It’s really hard to go wrong with layering. Just be cautious of overdoing it. Too many layers and it can overwhelm your outfit and look. You want it to be just the right amount of accent. It should be a fun process and one that is constantly evolving.”

Speaking of evolving, Gorjana jewelry is the perfect fashion jewelry to transition your style from the beach to the streets. Throw on a pair of  beach pants, and a few bracelet cuffs and call it a day. Gorjana herself adds, “Most of the collection is so versatile and can easily go from day to night. I usually leave on what I have been wearing during the day and just add a few more layers. I will add a couple of more cuffs or bracelets, or add some rings to make it a bolder look for night.”

Check out the 2015 Gorjana Jewelry line and let us know what are your favorites for the upcoming season.


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Ana Lopez

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