Last night was the 2015 Grammy Awards as I’m sure you’ve already heard or watched for yourself. Personally, the Grammy awards are a bit long for me, but I do have some top highlights along with the Top 8 outfits of the evening. I can’t help but love when fashion and music collide in a glorious way, and the fashion statements are such a big deal. Unlike other award shows, I feel like the Grammy’s are a bit more fun, a bit more lenient on dress code. Like, is someone wanted to rock designer swimwear, they totally could. Especially when you have fashion big-wigs like Kanye and Rihanna styling up their game. Check out our top 8 outfits of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift in Ellie Saab



Honestly, this one is a no brainer for me. Taylor Swift probably tops the list of this year’s Grammy’s, because let’s face it, she nailed it. Not only did she pair her shoe color with her dress flawlessly, but just the color of the dress alone is to die for. Turquoise is the color of the year in my book, and Swift rocked the heck out of it. Still swooning over here.

Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad

Katy Perry


I love this dress. I love it more because of her hair color. I know what you’re thinking, but dang, tell me those colors don’t bode effortlessly well together. The sheer dress is a winner for me because of the embellishments and eye-catching regalia attached, but it’s also the accouterments that do it for me — ie: hair color, earrings, belt.


Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell

Lady Gaga


The reason I love this dress so much is because Gaga reminds me of a mermaid, and lets face it, mermaids have more fun. That’s just a fact. Especially with the emerald necklace, and the chic spray tan, tell me Homegirl does not look like a really sexy mermaid who just went to Vegas to become a showgirl??! It just reminds me of the mermaid pieces we have in our inventory that nail the style game.

The Laundry Room Mermaids Have More Fin

Luli Fama Swimwear Gold Mermaid Goddess

luli fama mermaid goddess

Rihanna in Giambattista Valli Couture

Best: Rihanna in Giambattista Valli Couture

This was a tough call for me. Primarily because she kind of looks ridiculous. BUT, and this is a huge but, Rihanna likes to take chances and you have to commend the girl for taking this one. Although I’m not super sold on it, you have to appreciate the intricate work on this dress, and that Rihanna looked like a young girl just out to have fun.

Childish Gambino No Socks, No Problem

Childish Gambino

I personally love this outfit. I love the no socks with loafers look, and I thoroughly love the fact that his suit looks like it’s the best tailored suit of the night. Everything about this outfit screams “win” for me, and I put him up toward the likes of Taylor Swift for this beaut of a tux.


Kanye West in All Black Err’thang

Kanye West

Okay, Kanye West is an A-hole. A big one at that. I can’t get behind his behavior, nor can I get behind his douchebaggery, but I can get behind his outfits. Honestly, I think he looks quite fetching above. Not to mention the fact he picked out wife Kim Kardashian’s dress and contacted Jean Paul Gauthier personally to whip up her ensemble. Not bad, Kanye.

Anna Kendrick in Band of Outsiders

Best: Anna Kendrick in Band of Outsiders

Okay, she seriously killed the tomboy game last night. Anna Kendrick rocked a plunge-neck tux with heels and guess what — nothing underneath. Kendrick’s tux was fitted better than more than half of the men last night, so kudos to that.

Now, we also have to talk other memorable moments. Some performances were a must-see, like when Paul McCartney got on stage with Kanye to sing Rihanna’s “Four Five Seconds”. The night ended on a powerful note, with a performance by Beyoncé and then John Legend and Common singing their Oscar-nominated song, “Glory.” And what about Sam Smith taking home all the Grammy’s?! A bunch of well-deserved wins of the pop-crooner who hilariously thanked his ex-boyfriend for providing all the material for his album. And what about when Kristen Wiig was officially put on dancing duty with Maddie Ziegler on stage for Sia’s Chandelier performance? Did anybody expect the SNL alum to be dancing along to the song? Nope, not me.

But of course, who better to steal the show than Kanye West, who jokingly took the stage when Beck won Album of the Year. But, wait, did anyone think Beck should have won Album of the Year in the first place?


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