Great Gatsby Fashion

After seeing Baz Luhrmann’s film “The Great Gatsby”, I left the theater awe-inspired by all of the glitz and glam the movie offered.  I have always wanted to travel back to the roaring twenties for the fashion, but especially now after seeing all the glamorous outfits from the movie.   Just as the film gave the book, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a modern twist with the soundtrack (featuring Jay-Z and Lana Del Rey, among others); I will show you how to get a modern “Gatsby inspired” look for summer!

Miuccia Prada and Tiffany & Co. did an impeccable job recreating the overall look from the 1920s.  From the sparkle filled party dresses to the elegant jewels, the costumes really bring the film to life.

Paradizia Swimwear unknowingly brought the movie to life with some of their summer essentials.  These timeless styles truly capture the roaring twenties to a tee.

The beading detail and extravagance featured in the Donna Summer Cover Up is a must for embodying the “Great Gatsby look”.  This beach cover up will add the “wow” factor to any bikini.  As the picture features, this one of a kind dress really brings the fun & flirty side out of any woman.

This simple yet, stunning Donna Summer Halter Bikini really adds class to the “Gatsby look”.  The silhouette features a standard halter bikini style, but the metallic tones really make this bikini stand out! My favorite feature is the silver snake detail at the waist and strap.  It adds even more spice to this sophisticated beauty.

Nothing says Great Gatsby like the Studio 54 Triangle Bikini.  This whimsical bikini, with crochet detail at the center of the back, truly makes this style like no other.  From the jeweled fringe detail at the hips, to the metallic snake inspired pattern, this bikini features several fashions from the 1920s.  The Studio 54 Triangle Bikini will make you feel like you just stepped out of the movie, not to mention the fit is amazing!

What girl can leave the house without some stunning accessories?!  This gorgeous Jasmine Vintage Necklace features a gold plated flower charm to add a pop of color.  My personal favorite accessory is the Studio 54 Handbag with fringe detail.  It can be worn to a pool party or even for a night out on the town.  This bag will make any outfit an absolute show stopper!

A lady should never forget about her nails. I am obsessed with all of the nail art I have been spotting on Pinterest lately.  These Gatsby inspired nails will get you in the mood for any occasion and because of the neutral tones they complement even the craziest outfit.

Have a fabulous weekend “old sport” and don’t forget to party like Gatsby.  Maybe this song will get you in the mood for an extravagant weekend!

Fergie – A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) feat. Q-Tip & GoonRock



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