Brrr!… Nothing says winter like mojitos on South Beach and 80° weather, right? Well, maybe not for the rest of the country, but here in the Miami our climate is pretty much void of seasonal changes (and we like it that way too!)  Our eternal sunshine qualifies us experts at staying bronzed, beautiful, & most importantly tan line free!  So for all you snow bunnies who are eager to plan a winter getaway (that is, to get away from the winter), pay close attention to our tips and tricks to avoid the ultimate vacation bikini faux-pas: tan lines.

Maui Girl Next Door Bandeau Bikini

Sunscreen: Protect yourself, don’t wreck yourself! Try applying your SPF (and all other tanning lotions) before you put your bathing suit on. Not only will this give your skin a chance to absorb the product for a few minutes before you start sunbathing, but your tan will also come out more even later.  Chances are you’ll be more thorough and do a better job in your hotel room than on a sandy beach.

Swimwear Style: If you’re worried about your chest and shoulders, opt for a bandeau bikini with removable straps.  If you’re sporting a triangle top or halter, make sure you untie the straps and gently tuck them into the cups when you lie down.  (Remember you already applied sunscreen to those now-exposed areas earlier!)  Brazilian cut bikinis are great if you want a bronze booty too, but you can always roll, tuck, and adjust moderate and full-coverage styles as well.

Cover-upsTunic dresses and floppy hats are a great way to cover up while still getting your glow on!  After you’ve been tanning for more than a few hours, give your skin a rest and take a siesta.  Sheer tunics are my favorite for afternoon sun worshipping.  They still let a little sun in, while protecting your stomach, shoulders and chest.  A wide-brim hat over your face provides shade and a some sexy anonymity too!

Despi Onyx Silk Kaftan

Touchups: Should you have any tanning booboos, bronzer and spray tans are your friend.  As long as your skin isn’t sunburned and peeling (not a good look!) even out any blotchy areas with a bronzer or gradual tanning lotion.  Don’t just apply it to the affected area of skin, rub it in all over to get a more natural effect.

Happy tanning!


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