The Hills was a genius piece of reality television. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me realize I actually didn’t like my boyfriend [at the time] at all! The show was a life-changer for all of us and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. Though LC and Whitney were hands-down my favorite characters (classiest girls on the West Coast!), we all have that Heidi Montag character in our life. When I say that I mean that girl-friend that dated that guy you totally despise for such clear reasons that are completely unbeknownst to her. Not necessarily that girl-friend who got so much plastic surgery that when you saw her at your annual Christmas party you walked right past her, thinking possibly that young lady came as someone’s date? Speaking of Heidi’s plastic surgery, check out that Barbie doll wearing a Luli Fama two piece.

The new Heidi Montag wore a hot red triangle bikini paired with a cheeky bottom. The shade of solid red is definitely classic, but eye-catching. She looked great in it as she pranced around the beach giving us different faces and poses. That’s why I loved to hate Heidi. She was always great for entertainment.

If you love her Luli Fama look, find the sexiness here.


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