High Cut Swimsuits: How to Wear Them

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of a little show called Baywatch. I say little because it was just run in a mere 144 countries around the world. So, basically, the entire planet Earth. Baywatch is still popular in some secular fan clubs even though it originally ran back in the 90s.

Why was a show about lifeguards so popular? The first thing that comes to mind for every human that has seen the show (aside from the Hoff) is the slow motion runs across the beach. Enter: the famous high cut swimsuit.



The High cut One Pieces were certainly invented prior to the series, but the iconic trend was elevated (no pun intended) to the next level with the sexy lifeguards running to save a drowning beach goer in a high – and we mean really high – cut swimsuit. Turns out, showing the outer edges of the pelvis can be sexy. Turns out, that space between the beginning of your thigh and the crotch area bares a special kind of sensuality that will just make you stand out.

So, the good news is, the 90s are back, and with it, of course, is the high cut swimsuit trend.



The thing about high cut swimsuits is that they flatter hourglass figures best. It has its limitations, perhaps not as versatile as other popular trends, but if done right it definitely will make jaws drop.

The new high cut swimsuits of today are not just limited to solid one piece swimwear. They blend together with sophisticated and whimsical prints to create that looks that are contemporary.

We’re listing a few of our favorite picks for this revamped trend:

The high-Cut one piece Solid swimsuit

The original culprit of the iconic trend is back and better than ever. High cut one piece swimsuits are sexy and on trend. They can be worn under jean shorts and with mules for a festival concert or to lounge around during summer days. We recommend wearing it in the quintessential basics, black, red, and white.

High cut one piece swimsuits

From left: Kim Black One Piece, $127; Kim Red One Piece, $127; and Kim White One Piece, $127.


There is a specific high cut length that doesn’t read as overboard, avoiding a costume-like bodysuit. Go with a cherry red swimsuit in the high cut trend to embody the Baywatch vibe , and you’ll no longer have to do the ‘slow mo’ run.

Revamped, recharged and reignited is the solid white high cut one piece. Ideal for the bachelorette destination trips, the white one piece swimsuit does basic with a twist. It’s a super sexy way to wear wedding white to a party celebrating your last days as a single gal.


Photo: Vitamin A Leah Black Ecolux One Piece, $149.


A strong pick for everything from Halloween costumes to basic contemporary outfits, the black high cut one piece is perfect for the modern woman who is into to do darker tones. A black high cut one piece can be accessorized ad infintum to create all sorts of looks, from grunge to sophisticated. Throw on a pair of edgy black mules with studs and some chunky bracelets for grunge, or do an elegant hat and delicate charm necklace for a more sophisticated look. A trucker hat and denim shorts with a black high-waisted suit gives you a hipster vibe, while a long silk kimono over this suit spells resort vibes.


The high-cut one piece print

If you’re style is of the more adventurous kind, don’t be afraid to experiment with prints when wearing High Cut One piece suits.

There are several options when choosing a print, so we recommend choosing a theme for your look first, and then selecting from a curated version of the available prints, which are plenty! Do you want a throwback to the 70s, or do you want to do a bolder, avant-garde print? They all work with high cut, a trend that’s surprisingly versatile in terms of color.

Option 1 - Retro


From left: Kim Ocean's Stripes One Piece, $127; and White Ginger Emma Bodysuit, $194.


One of the most popular options is the retro high-cut one piece looks. You can go with a striped suit that mixes classic with edgy. We recommend going with the neutral or earthy colored stripes. This emerald stripes suit (left), reversible to beige, gives the trend a retro contemporary feel. For a more whimsical feeling, go with a floral print in neutral tones. Still on trend, but with a softer outcome. 

Option 2 – Go Bold


From left: Kim Studio 54 High-Cut One Piece, $127; and its reversible side, to solid black.


High cut one piece swimsuits lend themselves to looks that make a bold statement. Think of a bodysuit with eyes and lips to do the trick. If you go with the bold prints, we recommend a one piece that’s reversible to a solid color so that you can have options and versatility, while getting the best bang out of your buck.

The high-cut, high-waisted bottom

The High cut swimsuit bottom silhouette comes in a variety of substyles,if you will. For one, for a sexy twist to the retro high waisted bottom, you got the high-cut, high-waisted bikini bottom. A play on the retro with the modern, this look is one of our favorites. We recommend doing this look in earthy tones.

From left: Marly Emerald High Waisted Bottom, $58; and Marly Sand High Waisted Bottom, $58.


For high cut, high waisted bottoms it’s important to look for swim bottoms that are seamless, so that they don’t cut into your skin, I mean, there are places  in your body where you definitely don’t want bulges to come out, and muffin tops areas are certainly on that list.


The high-cut bikini bottom

The very 80s trend of high cut bikini bottoms is making its comeback now, along with the high cut one piece suit. Our favorite Brazilian cut bottom of the season, the high cut bikini is all sorts of sexy. We recommend a striped or vibrant solid bikini when doing high cut bottoms. The thick stripes and sand tones make a throwback to a relevant with seamless finishing. Mix it up with a straight bandeau top with pads that ties at the back.


Photos: Cardi Sandy Stripes Top, $59, and Rio Sandy Stripes Bottom, $58.


Choosing a reversible high cut bottom can give the look versatility and not tie you down to just retro. In the recommended look above, Cardi Sandy Stripes High Cut bikini [pictured], the bottom is reversible to solid sand color, allowing you to mix and match your look, and mix the theme by matching the bottom with a floral top, for example.


The high cut skirted one piece

The last trend of the high-cut hybrid is the high-cut skirted one piece. For those of us that want to cover up with thigh area below the hip (which is fully exposed with the Baywatch style one pieces), the option of wearing a skirted high cut one piece is born. Do not confuse the skirt with modesty. In reality, the skirt and high cut looks combined create a peekaboo style that is just as sexy, while still doing the trick.


Photo: BOAMAR Landscape Simone White One Piece, 192; and its back view.


The other benefit of skirting the high cut one piece is that it covers any unwanted bulges in the belly area. I for one know that those are impossible to suck in when sitting down. 

Mayra Jimenez

In 2007, Mayra Jimenez and her husband founded The Orchid Boutique, which specializes in designer swimwear made in their native Colombia. Mayra is passionate about everything swimwear and entrepreneurship.

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