Hollywood’s most normal power couple, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, have finally made it official; these two lovebirds are engaged. This couple has been dating since 2007 and we’re glad to hear they will finally be tying the knot. Known to be the most “American” Hollywood couple, Jessica and Justin are often spotted doing routine activities such as running, bike riding, walking the dog, or grocery shopping. Jessica’s always been viewed as the “girl next door” type with a rocking body; we’re sure she’s been on the posters in many boys rooms from her girly film and TV roles. Some say the couple’s three month hiatus earlier in 2011 was due to differences in their careers; Timberlake was landing major roles in films such as The Social Network while Biel was picking up smaller roles. Jessica also took this last year to dedicate time to social projects – she’s stunning, has a long-running career, and dedicates her time…no wonder Justin put a ring on it.

We’re so excited for this newest “it couple” engagement and we’re eagerly anticipating the wedding…especially for the honeymoon. Not only are we interested in seeing what wedding gown Jessica chooses, but also what bikinis the athletic actress will don on the honeymoon. We’ve taken a look back at some of Jessica’s best bikini looks and we’d like to make some guesses as to what we think she might choose.

Jessica’s an athletic girl who’s been spotted running along the sands and playing volleyball along the shores so naturally a sport-worthy, but completely photographable, suit is a must. Jessica also looks great is solids. We’d love to see Jessica in a simple solid purple two piece with simple detailing, like the Bougainville Athens by Despi. This suit is a triangle top and string bottom which will flatter Jessica’s toned beach body. Simple braided detailing at the neck ties and bottom side ties sets the suit apart from all the rest. Gold hardware detail at the end of the string ties and a tassel feature spice this suit up for some sophisticated and fun style. Purple’s a great color for Jessica’s skintone and hair color as well. We can’t wait to see what Jessica chooses for the honeymoon, and the wedding…perhaps it will be this one.

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