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By now, many of you have heard about the swimwear brand PilyQ Swimwear especially if you’re fans of our blog. We rave about PilyQ almost on a monthly basis, because the brand keeps revolutionizing swimwear style to new degrees seasonally. Whether it was the fan-favorite Raja bikini from 2014 or the huge hit of 2015 — the Sunbeam Halter, PilyQ always keeps things fresh and fun for all beach babes.

So we figured, why not reach out to the team at PilyQ Swimwear and get the inside scoop on what makes their brand tick, as well as how they like their eggs. Because how could you ask one question without the other?

Rachel Oswald, the head of Design & Merchandising at PilyQ Swimwear gave us the lowdown on her bikini brand. Check it out:

Q: Do you have specifics to your personal creative process?

We love pulling from European trends, drawing inspiration from architecture, traveling, and taking in our surroundings. Communicating regularly with our accounts is a big part of this process as well.

Q: You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?

Definitely would be a glitter crayon this is one of my favorite little quotes…


Q: How do you like your eggs?

Over easy on a slice of ezekiel break with parmesan cheese on top…mmmhm!

Q: What is your favorite swimsuit?

Well it would obviously be a PilyQ suit! My favorite style of all time is from our very first collection, our Smocked Bandeau.

But from our latest Summer 2015 collection it would be the Summer Partara Embroidered bikini… it crazy to see how much we’ve evolved!

e er

Q: If you could be a super hero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Two places at once… maybe the power to control time…. But really able to fly would be pretty cool

Q: How do you stay on top of current swimwear trends?

Shopping, travel, magazines, talking to our retailers, and now social media is a huge help!

Q: Favorite destination?

Positano, Italy

Q: Describe the best trip you have ever taken.

Bari, Italy for my bother’s wedding

Q: If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?

Audrey Hepburn, not only was she a timeless beauty I really admire her humanitarian work.

Q: How did your brand name come about?

PilyQ (Q is from Pily’s last name Quiepo)

Q: What’s the one thing we would find an abundance of in your refrigerator?

Organic kale

Q: What’s your favorite cocktail?

Moscow mule

Q: Name a guilty pleasure.

French fries… perfect for swimwear…

Q: What song best describes your creative process and why?

Gone Girl

Q: Favorite book?

Femininity, luxury, women empowerment… confidence!

The 2015 Collection

Now that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting the creative mind behind PilyQ Swimwear, take a look at the latest styles from their 2015 collection. We must say, not only are these some of our favorite swimsuits this season, we’ve already received tremendous feedback from customers as well!


Sunbeam Halter Bikini

PilyQ swimwearpilyq swimwear


Maya Crop Bikini

pilyq swimwearPilyq swimwear


Enjoy Crop Bikini

pilyq swimwearpilyq swimwear


Dakota Lauren Kimono

pilyq swimwearpilyq swimwear


Shop the rest of the 2015 PilyQ Swimwear collection at Orchid Boutique today!


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