There’s a new gaggle of young Hollywood stars in town and we’re making sure EVERYONE knows. These actors and actresses and fashionistas-in-the-works, are about to blow up in the media, if they haven’t already. They aren’t the ones making headlines for reckless behavior, or for publishing risque photographs in the buff or in revealing swimwear, or for little gems of nonsense spewed all over Twitter (……ahem, Amanda Bynes……). These are the young stars that are going to break out because of their talents and their drive. It’s time to recognize the celebrities who aren’t vying for attention, but instead focusing on their careers and kicking ass. Here’s our list of the young Hollywood heavyweights that you need to keep on your radar.



Kate & Rooney Mara

These beautiful ladies are tearing up the box office and guess what, they are related! That’s right, National Sibling Day in full effect. Imagine owning Hollywood with your sister right by your side. Rooney is most known for her role in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where she underwent an extreme transformation and honestly acted her ass off. Kate Mara has been on the rise ever since last year when she starred in the Netflix original series House of Cards. Kate is set to star in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, as well, while sister Rooney is currently filming Carol with Cate Blanchett. Both girls seem to stay out of the spotlight and focus more of their talents on screen than off. We’re pretty sure Beyonce wrote her hit song Flawless based on these two. (But, like, don’t quote us on that).


Miles Teller

Speaking of Fantastic Four, this young stunner is also set to star in the remake. But before that, he’s been featured in box office hits like Divergent and That Awkward Moment with Zac Efron. We love Miles Teller not only because of his acting chops, but because he seems effortlessly hysterical. He appears to be courageously comfortable on screen, making it very apparent that ad-libbing really is his forte. Teller was recently praised for his indie flick Whiplash where he plays a musician struggling to make it as a jazz drummer. Check it out when it comes to the big screen later this year.

Zendaya Coleman

Switching gears from movies to fashion, Zendaya Coleman is another young star to watch. Coleman, who was on last season of Dancing With the Stars, as well as has  her own Disney Channel show, has been slowly rising into fashion notoriety with her bold choices and stylistic risks. Keep an eye on this one, because besides being a dancer, singer and actress extraordinaire, this girl’s fashion sense is on point. Now all she needs to do is release a resortwear line and she’s right in our scope.


Ellen Page

We have to. We just have to include Ellen Page. Regardless of the fact Page has been on the scene for quite some time, she most recently made a huge decision to publicly come out of the closet. Despite the rumors and speculation for years, Page confirmed to the world that she is indeed gay, and made a spectacular speech to accompany her announcement. Page showed the world about self-love and acceptance which we think is exactly what the youth of America needs more of.


Childish Gambino

You know here at Orchid Boutique we’re always down for some good old fashioned versatility. Which is why we love Community actor, comedian, and insanely talented rapper, Donald Glover also known in the musical world as Childish Gambino. Gambino’s sophmore album Because the Internet was released late last year and was met with a flurry of newfoud fame. Gambino takes musical risks which are reminiscent of the days of the mix tape, combining catchy hooks with extreme lyrical prowess. But did we also mention he is hilarious? Glover, as his stage name goes, was an integral part of why Community had such a cult following. His odd humor and dry sarcasm made fans come back for more every season.


Gaby Hoffman

We all know who she is. Even if you don’t recognize her now, you KNOW who she is. The star of the cult class Now & Then. Or what about Uncle Buck. Or anyone remember the adorable child in Field of Dreams? Well Hoffman is now all grown up, and she has become a very talented actress. Recently Hoffman went on to do a short stint on HBO fave Girls  and nailed it as Adam’s bat-sh*t crazy sister. Keep an eye out for more serious acting cred to come her way, because she sure has proven herself.

Any more young Hollywood heavyweights to keep an eye on? Leave it in the comments!


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