Hottest Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos can be pretty darn hot in my opinion. Especially when they’re visible while you have on your bandeau swimsuit top and Brazilian cut bikinis. Imagine rocking the Milonga Katie Black Bikini with some kick ass ink across your ribs. Love, love, love.

I know not everyone will share my same fascination; however, you have to admit tattoos have grown increasingly popular within the societal norm over the past few decades. People look at tattoos as their own personal statement; their body is a canvas sort of approach.

If it weren’t for the permanence and the fact I’m slightly a commitment-a-phobe, I would have tattoos up the wazoo (so rest easy, Dad). But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good tattoo, especially on some of my favorite celebrities.

Here are some of our top celebrity tattoos choices:

Cara DeLevingne 

This young lady has been causing quite the controversy lately in the modelling industry with her new found love with tats. As one of the youngest models and probably highest in demand right now, Cara has been seen sporting multiple tattoos (her mom’s name Pandora on her inner arm) which have caused an uproar for her career. Notoriously known to not care much about what other people think, Ms. DeLevingne will most likely continue to acquire tattoos in the least conspicuous places. Regardless, I’d love to see her rock the Sabz Peace Love Monokini and show off her body art.

Adam Levine

Not to be confused with the above-mentioned model, who doesn’t want to see this guy with his shirt off?! I’m sure that is The Voice was broadcast on FX, Adam Levine would be shirtless all day while judging singers. With a plethora of tattoos all over his body, Mr. Levine is no rookie when it comes to permanent ink. He has a tiger tattoo on his left arm, his lucky number etched into a sleeve on his left arm, and even a Mom tattoo somewhere in the mix. Adam says the reason behind most of his tattoos? He gets bored on the road.

Erin Wasson

Another model causing a stir is Erin Wasson, whose body is covered with tiny line drawings and words. The most notable inkings include the Hawaiian phrase “Ima Loa” (distant traveler) and “the heart will start a riot in me” on her arm, plus a pyramid, an arrow and feather on her torso.


Demi Lovato

The last time we counted, Ms. Lovato has…get ready….twelve tattoos! However, her tattoos seem to be an inspiration to many of her fans. Demi Lovato has been known to overcome many obstacles in her life, and states that her tattoos serve as a permanent reminder of her struggles and how she overcame them. We can get behind that.


This pop princess has tattoos galore and isn’t afraid to show them off. We’re talking 20+ tattoos all over this Barbadian body. Most of her tattoos are fairly small, “Shh…” on her finger, or the Roman numerals on her chest. But our favorite has to be the stars falling down her back. As well as the few hand tattoos. I am almost inclined to send Rihanna the Vitamin A Sophia Python Underwire bikini, just so she can show off her tattoo collection.

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