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By now, everyone should at least be somewhat familiar with what’s going on in Sochi, Russia right now. That’s right, people, last week was the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics and we are now officially in full swing. Although over here at Orchid Boutique, we tend to favor the Summer Olympics more. Being biased as Olympians rock some killer bikinis or USA themed sexy swimwear. Yet, the winter events have kicked it into high gear with USA racking up some serious hardware.

Olympians train their whole lives to compete in these games, putting in grueling hours of work and time to prepare themselves mentally and physically. Some of these athletes are in top physical shape, and we couldn’t be happier to see these results. Although it may be a bit difficult to see how all of their training paid off under those heavy snow jackets and boots, we can leave enough to the imagination

Let’s take a look at the hottest Olympians for 2014.

Shaun White, Snowboarding

Sprint U.S. Grand Prix - Day 3


I feel like Shawn White is a hit or miss with some people. Either they think he is extremely handsome, or they just can’t see it. I think ever since he cut his infamous red locks, he became a super stunner in my book. Besides the fact he can shred any mountain with the best of them, possibly being THE best of them, White also isn’t lacking in the looks department. He’s got the goods and the gold which means he can do a 360 McTwist into my life any day.

Lolo Jones, Bobsledding



She gorgeous, she’s fast, and she’s also multi-talented. Lolo Jones, originally known for her speed and strength during the Summer Olympics, now has turned a new snowy leaf. After finishing 7th in the Beijing Olympics for track and field, Jones decided she wasn’t going to give up hope for an Olympic medal. Jones trained intensely to join the US bobsled team, making her one of the most versatile athletes around. But really though, look at those eyes.

Bode Miller, Alpine Skiing

Bode Miller


Samuel Bode Miller is noted as the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time. He already has Olympic gold under his belt and has over 33 victories. Sochi is his 5th Olympics, and after a debilitating knee injury in 2012, Miller is expected to be back in full swing. Besides being a constant winner, his body is practically chiseled out of ice. Yes, this is true.

Aja Evans, Bobsledding


Aja Evans came onto the scene in 2012 as a rookie, and scored the U.S. National Push Championship title, as well as broke the start record with her driver. She was a winner from the start, not to mention very easy on the eyes. Evans comes from a family of talented athletes.  Her brother, Fred, is the Vikings’ defensive tackle, her uncle is Gary Matthews, who is the former hitting coach of the Chicago Cubs , and her cousin is major league baseball player Gary Matthews Jr. Good genes all around.

Torah Bright, Snowboarding



Torah Bright hails from Australia and already has a few pieces of Olympic hardware in her stash. In Sochi, she just won of the silver medal for the women’s half-pipe, officially giving Australia its first medal of the games. But in reality, with looks like those, it’s a surprise she can even get down the hill without melting the snow. Hahaha, cheesy, okay you’re right, moving on…..

Shani Davis, Speed Skating



But seriously, look at that face. Shani Davis is an Olympic Champion speed skater who unfortunately finished at Sochi already with a miss. Davis came into the games with two gold medals already on his side and was looking for a three-peat. Yet, speed was not in his favor as he missed the mark for his third gold medal. Regardless, of his Olympic standings, that smile is pure gold in our book.

Have other Olympic crushes? Let us know who has won your heart from Sochi.


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