Hottest Swimsuit Instagram Posts from Your Favorite Bloggers & Celebs

Instagram quickly usurped Facebook as one of the top social media apps of the year, especially regarding swimsuits for women. Facebook, I’m afraid, may be on a downward spiral into oblivion (unless you’re coughing up some cash) while Instagram keeps getting better and better. Maybe it’s because Instagram includes more visual stimuli and Facebook now has ads up the wazoo and is constantly trying to tell you that your ex or your exes new girlfriend are suggested friends.

Regardless, Instagram often showcases some of the best fashion sets around. Bloggers have taken to the social media site to upload snippets of their wardrobes so that we all can drool in unison. Also, celebrities have become just as enamored with the app, and frequently post pictures of their designer swimwear strapped to their toned and tanned bodies.

We’ve scoured the Insta-webs and came up with some of our favorite posts from bloggers and celebs alike, showing off their swimsuits for women this summer season. Check out who rocks our socks in all their bikini-clad glory.


I remember when recently the biggest headline around was that Rihanna was no longer on Instagram. Shocking, I know. But the worst part about it was that we would no longer see Rihanna killing it in her two piece swimsuits. For someone that was just given a VERY huge style honor, homegirl should be on Instagram showing us what’s up. I mean, let’s be honest, 75% off all RiRi’s pics were of her in a swimsuit on a sandy beach or living the yacht life.


Andee Layne “The Honeybee”

I mean, let’s be honest. Who really has rocked the Seafolly Bella Rose Chartruese better than Andee Layne? If you check our her Palm Springs pics on her blog The Honeybee, you’ll be able to see some awesome vacation photos, along with this blogger’s superb style. Check her out.


Cassey Ho “Blogilates”



blogilates 2


She always looks fantastic in everything she wears, basically because she works non-stop on her fitness and health. Above, Cassey is killing it in one of Luli Fama‘s hottest bikinis of the year. If ever you’re in the need for some fantastic fitness tips, head over to her site Blogilates to feed the health need.



Gisele Bunchen


This retired Victoria Secret model can wear a garbage bag to the beach and still be gorgeous. We’ve followed Mrs. Tom Brady around on Instagram for a while, and her bikini pics are nothing but glorious. Bundchen jets off to various parts of the world and frequently poses yoga-style in her sultry swimwear.


Gabi Gregg “GabiFresh”




Curves and full of color, Gabi Gregg is the latest blogger to win over our swimsuit-ridden hearts. One of the hottest up-and-coming fashion bloggers in the game, Gabi targets the plus-sized demographic looking as fly as ever. Check out her blog GABIFRESH and prepare to be schooled on style.


Heidi Klum


Homegirl is 40, I repeat, this woman is forty-years-old and still stunning in her bikini. We really can’t help but “ooh” and “ahh” whenever Klum posts her bikini-bod on Instagram, because she is aging beautifully and gracefully and doesn’t care who sees. Her style is unique as she certainly covers the trends of most swimsuits for women.

Care to share more of your favorites? Leave their names and blog URLS in the comments below!

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