Let’s face it, first dates can be intimidating. For some— downright awkward. Nerves are flying high and those jitters won’t dissolve until your glass of Sauvignon Blanc arrives. You breeze through the quick banter about the weather, your jobs, or if you’re really ballsy, the new swimsuit you just ordered….But then it happens….

The lull.

You each mentally fumble over what to say next but all you can hear is the commotion of the wait staff and the clinking of silverware on plates. How can this moment be avoided, you ask?

The answer is easy— come prepared! Research ahead of time what is appropriate to talk about and not talk about on a first date. Let’s discuss some ideas.

Approved topics for first date conversation:

Vacation…Or just A Swimsuit Really

Always a good ice breaker. Talking about past vacations or dream vacations can segue into other topics such as goals, aspirations, and even future plans. Not to mention it may lead to sharing a photograph of the new bikini you ordered. Let the jaw dropping ensue.

Current Events

If your date is the intellectual type, discussing what is going on in the world will be a huge turn on. If not? You can always throw some pop culture in the mix. Because chances are if they are not reading the New York Times, they probably know what the Kardashian family had for breakfast.


This is key because ultimately the first date is about getting to know the person. Ask where your date likes to go on the weekends or what activities they prefer. Also, pay attention to the answers, because a question like this could be a great cheat sheet for planning a second date.

Topics to Avoid on the first date:

Exes/Past Relationships: While this may be important to discuss down the road, your date should feel like the focus of the evening. Chances are if you mention your ex on a first date, there may still be some lingering feelings. Avoid at all costs, and if you bust out a picture….help us all.

Yourself, over and over again: While it is great to divulge personal information, don’t get caught up in reminding your date how awesome you are. Directing the conversation back to yourself all the time will be a total drag. Nobody needs to see a pie chart of why you are as cool as you are. They chose to date you for a reason, right?

Ryan Gosling: Unless you’re actually out on a date with Ryan Gosling, do not talk about Ryan Gosling. Most men are no match for such a beautifully sculpted human being and this will only breed disinterest and insecurity. So, if any room in your house resembles something of the like….

Call Teen Beat and cancel your subscription. Then hire a personal decorator pronto.

Happy Dating!


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