We hear it constantly on a life loop –you should be drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. For some, this is simple: maintain a blissful relationship with your water cooler at work and you are set.  But for others, (think Ariel in a seashell bikini once she has her legs) building a relationship with water on a daily basis is the last thing on our minds.

Honestly, there isn’t any scientific study that confirms the eight-by-eight a day rule. The origins date back over 50 years and actually came from a misinterpretation from the Food and Nutrition Board. So, let’s take this moment to bust this myth wide open – how much water do we really need?

The Institute of Medicine sets a basic guideline for total water intake. It recommends that women should consume 91 ounces per day – from all food and beverages combined. So we’re talking coffee, tea, cereal, mouthwash (joking, don’t swallow that, gross). Depending on your diet, about 25% of the water you consume should come from your food. For men, the average intake is about 125 ounces a day. So what do these numbers mean exactly?

91 ounces minus the 25% allotted for food, is about 68 ounces of water that we should be drinking daily. Close to the 64 ounces originally speculated over 50 years ago. So by drinking the eight glasses a day, you should be ready to roll.

Let’s talk benefits. Why is water so damn important?

Your Weight

Water is THE only liquid on earth that safely reduces weight. It removes extra fat by-products and keeps you healthy. It also suppresses your appetite and limits your food intake, not to mention increasing your metabolic rate. Oh, did we forget to mention it has ZERO calories? So there’s that.

Your Skin

We’re covered in it. It’s the largest organ of the body. It is coveted (Just ask Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs). But did you know that drinking enough water can actually contest skin disorders? Eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, dry skin, spots. Water moisturizes your skin and helps preserve the suppleness and overall glow, compared to products with caffeine which dehydrate the skin and body.

Your Toxins & Illness

Water kicks all the toxins to the curb and keeps you fresh and fit. If our body is dehydrated, our heart has to work overtime to pump new oxygenated blood around to our organs. And nobody’s heart wants to work overtime, unless you’re watching Titanic. Drinking tons of water also combats the flu and other ailments. It can strengthen your immune system without you even trying.

Your Head

Have you ever had a killer headache and you know you didn’t drink alcohol the night before, nor fought with your significant other, nor clipped your noggin getting out of your car? (not that this all happened to me or anyone I know. On the same day. Recently.) Well, one of the most common signs of dehydration is a headache. Water helps alleviate headaches as well as back pain, so drink it often and skip the stress aches.

Your Brains

You don’t need to memorize a dictionary to become smarter nowadays. Drinking water actually increases your cognitive function. (If you don’t know what cognitive means, then by all means grab that dictionary.) Drinking plenty of water guarantees that your brain will get all the oxygen its brainy heart desires, which means your intellectual performance can skyrocket. How much you ask? Up to 30%! Whoa.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a cup of H2O and you can thank us later.


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