How Old Is Too Old To Wear A Bikini?

When it comes to luxury swimwear, rather than age, the main consideration must be the attitude. Back are the days of body shaming and blind obeisance to youth and thinness. We’re lucky to live in a modern, interconnected world where feeling confident about our bodies is the sexiest asset.  So be it a sexy triangle top or a crop-top, the only limits to wear two-piece swimsuits are between your ears.

Two-piece swimsuits have been quite popular since their creation back in the 1940s. These fabulous bathing suits have evolved in different styles and the boldest innovations have been led by swimwear designers aware that millennials are consistently choosing individuality before popularity. And even better! The generations before them are starting to adapt to these changes. Baby boomers and the X Generation are also taking part in the latest fashion trends. From sexy remakes of classic black swimsuits to flattering monokinis, and pinup outfits; fashion is ageless and fearless.

You could possibly think: Ok, that’s fine for Helen Mirren (and her toned muscles at 60) but how about regular grannies? Well, our years in the swimsuit business have taught us several things about beach bodies. Here’s a piece of wisdom:  To rock a sexy one-piece or two-piece swimsuits, you just have to wear it! Everyone has a beach body! It’s not your responsibility to look like the magazine's covers; on the other hand, you’re totally in charge of embracing and loving your curves.

Of course, not everyone it’s going to like how awesome you look with that sexy bikini. But remember that’s only their opinion and your wardrobe choices are up to you. Throw that shade away whit the floral print of your luxury bathing suit. You got it all sister!

Now we'd like to present some suggestions to fuel your inspiration.



For those who feel bold enough, a classic combo will fit perfectly. Yes, we’re talking about triangle bikini tops and sexy hipster bottoms. These two-piece swimsuits look great in every size. The bikini top's strings can be adjusted at each one’s preference.

We suggest pairing it with one of the most comfortable swimsuit pieces: Hipster Boyshorts Bottoms. Many of them also feature a seamless style reversible to a different print! Two luxury bathing suits in one! 



Try bandeau bikini tops if you’re looking for a perfect tan. Paired with a cheeky bikini bottom like these, you can definitely say goodbye to awful tan lines.

BONUS TIP: Don’t be afraid to use bright colors and stand out, take advantage of that designer swimsuit and use it to fully express yourself.



Feeling classy? an off the shoulder bikini is your winner combo.  Of the shoulder bikini tops are quite the rage nowadays, these trendy swimsuits provide an elegant touch and also flatter your natural curves. Add a high waisted bottom and you’ll have a sexy vintage outfit. Besides, two-piece high waisted swimsuits are a perfect alternative for those aiming for a more conservative style.



Sometimes, a bit of additional support is needed to keep the girls in their place. That’s when underwire bikini tops come to save the day! These beauties provide a lifting effect and a feminine vibe to die for. Try pairing it with a high waist bottom or a sexy Brazilian thong for an extra spicy touch.

With the new decade in baby diapers, it’s the perfect time to let old habits out, and why not? Some designer swimsuits in! Our online store carries the most popular swimwear trends (No age limit). Feel free to lurk around and let us know if you need some sizing advice, our customer service representatives will be glad to assist you.


Ethel Gomez

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