I used to have a very naïve mindset when it came to working out. That if I didn’t break a gargantuan sweat and walk out exhausted looking like my body was immediately ready to fit into any bandeau bikinis thrown my way, it wasn’t a real workout. Thank goodness that entire opinion changed when I started doing yoga. I had always been a huge advocate of yoga as far as slowing down the pace of things and focusing on breathing and stretching your body. But it wasn’t until I began practicing yoga on a regular basis that I realized just how awesome it was for my body as well as my mind.  Let’s talk about the physical and holistic aspects of yoga that just plain rule.

The Physical

If you’re doing yoga right, then you will definitely be sweating. That is of course if you aren’t in an air conditioned room or doing winter yoga on the beach. You may not sweat like you just ran a marathon, but you’ll definitely be sweating. But besides that yoga is also said to lower blood pressure, improve lung capacity, relieve chronic back pain, as well as steady blood sugar levels. Yoga is said to aid in mind-body functions, so the physical health benefits of practicing yoga regularly are overwhelmingly positive.

If you even want to take it up a notch, then pair your yoga workout with your new superfoods diet and you will be one your way to superhero status.

The Mind

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps create a sense of union in body, mind, and spirit. It brings us balance. This is why when you make yoga a permanent part of your life you’re helping to relieve stress and anxiety, increase body awareness, sharpen concentration, as well as practice relaxation. There is a level of focus that is necessary for Yoga which will help exercise your mind dramatically.

Now that you know all the yoga health benefits and you’re ready to take off posing, let’s talk tips.

1. The best time for Yoga practice is in the morning before you have eaten breakfast.

2. Wear clothing that leaves as much skin exposed to open air as possible, as long as you are not feeling a chill.

3. Pay more attention to form and less attention to the depth of the stretch, especially when you are first beginning

4. Learn to feel the difference between your body’s resistance to movement as opposed to pain.

5. Focus on long, deep, slow exhalation and inhalation – your breath is your guide.

Remember, practicing and perfecting yoga takes time. You’re not going to start one day and master the crow pose within 24 hours. (If you do, then kudos you little ninja, you). Keep at it and don’t give up. You’ll notice the changes in your body  and your mind gradually and over time. That’s when you begin your search for a new sexy swimsuit.

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