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Ladies and gentleman, we have a confession to make. In honor of #WomenCrushWednesday, we have decided that we will honor one of the top players on the modeling game today, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Nina Agdal. Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Of course she is your woman crush, LOOK AT HER.”

Alas, there are a plethora of reasons why we love Nina Agdal. She legitimately puts the SUPER in supermodel.  So, let’s get to work in sharing what we love:

1. Face of Maaji Swimwear


Last year, Ms. Agdal was the face for one of our top favorite brands, Maaji Swimwear. Maaji is such a huge brand in swimwear, especially amongst a younger crowd, so hiring Nina Agdal to be the face of their product was just genius. The fun, flirty, colorful prints worked well with her complexion, and her long torso TORE UP those nautical designs.

2. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary Issue


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this issue was absolutely fab. The rookie class was the best it has ever been, and the cover girls are pure magic. We’ve had a blast following the media buzz surrounding Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge, and of course our homegirl Nina Agdal. The SI cover just works well on a whole level of different ways, and it doesn’t hurt that the girls look like they genuinely are having fun and getting along. Plus Teigen officially dubbed it #yearofthebutts on Charlie Rose, so there’s that.

3. Face Beach Bunny Swimwear

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This year marks Nina Agdal officially joining the Beach Bunny squad to show off their bad ass bathing suits. Another one of Orchid Boutique’s favorite brands to carry, Beach Bunny Swimwear oozes sex appeal and high end fashion. Ms. Agdal shows off her fabulous physique while rocking their Spring 2014 collection. In opposition to the Maaji 2013 line, Agdal shows off her attitude while rocking some more serious swimwear. Neutral colors and killer designs.

4. Her attitude & Energy


Speaking of attitude, did we mention that Agdal’s positive one is contagious? It’s true. Stop what you’re doing and go watch an interview with the supermodel on Youtube. Watch how she lights up the screen with her energy and infectious laugh. Her overall positive nature draws you in like you’ve known her for years. We were able to catch Nina in action this past week in Miami playing volleyball with the Sports Illustrated gals, and as soon as she stepped onto the sand, she grabbed the attention of the crowd.

5. Oh, did we mention she’s hilarious?


We just have the feeling that she’s the type of girl who would grab a beer with you and share some embarrassing stories about herself. Or that type of friend that you would call because talking to her would immediately make you feel better. She isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, or to laugh in general. Check out her Instagram and you’ll see her working hard, but more importantly having a blast.

6. She can rock a snapback ridiculously well..


What other supermodel do you know that can rock a snapback THAT well? It like, defies the laws of hats or something. Ms. Agdal has been known to wear the occasional snapback and yes, she wears it well. With those flowing gold locks, it’s hard to understand why she would cover them at all, but then we see how she can pull the hat off and everything is right in the world again.

7. Right, and obviously, look at her….

No seriously. That’s a no-brainer.






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