We’ve had a few things up our sleeve lately in regards to making the online shopping experience easier. We’ve listened to our customers, and certainly understand that shopping for swimwear online can be a difficult process, especially when it comes to sizing. I’m sure you’ve all thought at some point during your online shopping ventures, “but what’s my size” or “what is my body type”. Especially while perusing our brands which vary in size. So we’ve developed a super simple way to narrow down your sizing so you can dress for your body type. Consider us your own personal body shape calculator and prepare to be amazed.

Since we carry so many different brands that all have different size charts, we wanted to simplify the process in choosing what suits will work best for your body type. We have broken down each body type into 5 categories– straight body type, pear shaped, hourglass shaped, inverted triangle body shape, and diamond body shape. Now we know that body types come in a variety of sizes and shapes (#Amen for that), so we tried to find the most common shapes and types to represent women’s bodies as a whole. Check out what we’ve come up with for how to dress for your body type.



So, it’s simple. We’ve gone through our inventory with a fine-toothed comb, and have categorized all of our swimwear in order to fit each body type. Some can fit into multiple types (especially bikinis that can be ordered top and bottom in different sizes), and some may only fit into one or two categories (monokinis may be tricky for some body types). This process isn’t meant to exclude or pigeon-hole in any way. We are simply trying to make the process of shopping for swimwear online more accurate, so that you can place your order and be super comfortable in the sand within a few days.

This will be the first blog in a series, explaining each body type in detail. We’ll provide you with some awesome swimwear to fit each body shape perfectly. Keep an eye out for our Body Type Blog Series, and start dressing for your body type today!

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