Eating clean has been a topic just as popular in 2013 as Superfoods, Kendall Jenner in Agua Bendita, and high waisted bikini bottoms. We have been hearing it all over the place as well as seeing those damn hashtags #eatclean #cleaneating on every Instagram photo of a piece of fruit, but what does it all mean? Washing your food really well before consuming? Nope, not even close. We’re hear to debunk some clean eating mysteries as well as breakdown a new alternative to the ever-popular diet.

Eating clean involves not only choosing the right foods to eat but also avoiding all of the processed garbage that adorns every grocery aisle shelf. The keys to good health and proper nutrition as far as clean eating is concerning, are as follows:

  • Hello whole foods: Whole foods are foods that haven’t been messed around with, in the lab or the manufacturing plant. This means = straight from the farm. This includes whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed and free-range meats, low fat dairy products, unsalted nuts, and seeds.
  • Peace out processed foods: An easy breakdown to what processed food is….any food that has a label. A label indicates that multiple ingredients were used to make that food. You don’t have to eliminate all processed foods (like whole grain pasta or natural cheeses), but if you can’t pronounce an ingredient on a label, you better leave that at the store.
  • Shed that Sugar: Refined sugar provides nothing good. Calories galore. Other sweeteners can be used, but make sure you’re careful with your substitutions. Refined sugar has no place in your diet, so ditch it and ditch it good.
  • Eat smaller meals more often: Kick start your metabolism by eating a bunch of smaller meals more frequently. This keeps your body burning calories constantly rather than going into starvation mode for a few hours and then feasting. With this plan, you shouldn’t get so extremely hungry that your  judgement is impaired and you’ll justify scarfing down those stale donuts at work.
  • Become a cook: This is very time consuming, but the payoff is huge. Instead of making prepared foods out of a box or frozen container, cook your meals from scratch! Clean, whole foods need minimal preparation beyond the basic cutting and cooking. Cooking your own food is also extremely rewarding and guaranteed to up your cool points.
  • Protein & carbs join forces: Whenever you eat a meal, make sure it’s balanced. This way you’ll be less tempted to binge on those cookies to fulfill any carb cravings. Combine protein and carbs which will fuel your body appropriately and kill those hunger cravings.

With the new year right around the corner, we urge you to ditch the diet fads and jump onto this healthy bandwagon. Try clean eating for 30 days and see just how your body feels and looks. You’ll thank us in February.

Hope this helps. Share some more tips below! Happy Clean Eating.


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