Don’t have anything to do with your lazy Sunday? If you are anything like me, keeping busy when there is nothing to do can be … well … hard! In between school papers, group projects and keeping my sanity throughout the day I still like to be productive during my Sundays off from school. Although it’s my weekend and I should have the freedom to lounge around my dorm, I still feel the need to be “somewhat” productive. Don’t you agree? Whether it’s online shopping for swimwear, scrap-booking or cleaning I like to feel busy when I have “me-time”. Here are a few random and fun ways to spend the last day of your weekend.

1) Love to decorate? Me too! Walking around campus I always see those awesome dorm room posters, I think; “I want my room to look like that!”  If you should be studying, but feel like doing something else, why not decorate your room?  It’s really amazing how a few containers, posters, and shelves can transform it.  Did I mention it can be done on a college budget at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond?  But if you don’t get a chance to redecorate, at least clean/organize your room and do the laundry that’s been stacking up.  Not only will you feel a great sense of accomplishment but it can really help you feel like you have more space.

2) I live in Miami so I can and SHOULD go to the beach more. Lazy Sunday can become Beach/Tan/Pool Sunday! Even if you are located in the middle of the country, why not drive out to a lake or tan on the green at your school?  Grab your friends, beach hats, and two pieces and enjoy the sun!  It definitely beats sitting inside and watching funny YouTube videos. How are you supposed to tan like that? LOL

3) Take a break from gross dining hall food and make some delicious treats with your friends!  Did you know that you can make a loaded baked potato with just a microwave?  All you need are potatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, scallions and bacon bits… (MMmm bacon) Wash the potato really well and poke it a few times with a fork.  Then microwave for 4-5 minutes until soft and let sit for about 2 minutes.   When you remove the potato, cut it in half and fill it with your favorite goodies.  Then push the two sides together and put it back in the microwave for 30 seconds so the cheese melts.  Finally, you can eat and enjoy! Nothing cures a college hangover like a loaded baked potato.

4) Research study abroad.  Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience and if you have the room in your schedule, I definitely recommend it.  I have never heard someone say that they didn’t have the best experience of their lives studying abroad.  Whether it’s Prague, Rome, Hong Kong, Bogotá, or Cape Town, the possibilities are endless for studying abroad.   It is a little bit of a process though, so start early and find the place that works for you! Hope you enjoyed my quirky ideas.

If all else fails, maybe you should just study for that exam you have on Tuesday…just sayin

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